Wednesday, September 26, 2007

1 Sentimental day

Forgive me if I need to say this out loud,....

The warmth and love of my friends are the best gifts I have recieved in years (aside from my own family). They have been with me through thick and thin and have laughed and cried with me in my journey through life. They have brought all the good out in me and tamed the ‘not so good’ in the process. They have helped me dream and helped me fufill those desires of my heart, I never thought ever possible. I am but thankful to my hobby, scrapbooking because it was my link to a world full of possibilities, a great and exciting group and a treasure chest of friends I will love forever.. for this I am thankful today….

I am thankful for April – who has helped put order in my life. Taught me to be organized, taught me to be less of a procrastinator. And to move faster…..

I am thankful to Liza for teaching me to take a breath first before I start reacting. To be more patient and to be more calm. My prayers are for you and NELO and your future bundle of joy.

I am thankful to Mia, for being a perfect example what a mother should be to her children. You are an inspiration and I admire your talent and intelligence my dear friend – I miss you so Mama Mia…

I am thankful to Ria, for always being a good leader, for giving me reality checks all the time and affirming me when I need it. Thanks so much for your generosity – you are a rare gem my friend,… and to me you are always beautiful,.. you have perfect eyes!

I am thankful to Pia, for showing me your dedication to ETHAN and for Jeff who is always generous to my family. I will emulate your teamwork and drive when I fly off to Sydney because that’s one thing Patrick and I will really work on when we are there especially with my children.

I am thankful to Ems, for showing me how much she loves Oliver, I know I need to be more loving to my husband as we embark on our new life. Thank you for being a loyal friend…
I am thankful to Bjay for always showing a great big smile and for inspiring me to have a cheerful disposition despite the trials and tribulations of life.

I am thankful to IRIS, for her kindness and generosity to share to others. I also admire you strength to endure any adversity in life. Thanks for sharing your talents !

I am thankful to the many friends I have made along the way – you have enriched my life, made me a better person.. For the all the love, friendship and generosity, I thank you all…

Friday, September 21, 2007

Scrapfest 4 on OCT 6, 2007

Here are the days event details:
Join us for a day of scrapping, shopping and sharing, together with other scrapbooking enthusiasts and suppliers.

Show off your creativity during our Scrapfest 4 Challenge.
Join our surprise challenge for the day.
Watch the Idol finalists battle in the final round of the 1 st search for Scrappin' Moms Idol!

Shop for the newest scrapbooking materials during the event. Top scrapbooking suppliers will bring in the hottest items from the USA and Asia, and have special offers only for this day.


Scrappin' Moms with the help of their friends will be sharing various scrapbooking techniques during the demonstrations.

Event Schedule:

1. Registration (9:30am – 10:00am)

2. Hands on Workshops – Various Scrapbooking Techniques (10:00 AM – 3:00 PM)

By the end of the day, we will be completing a mini album using the various techniques demonstrated throughout the day. The theme for this album will be "I confess.." so please bring at least 5 3R or 4R pictures to scrap for this mini album.

3. Scrappin' Moms Idol Grand Showdown (1:00PM – 4:00PM)

It's the grand finale for the Idol finalists. Watch the finalists as they compete for the title of Scrappin' Moms Idol

4. Scrapfest 4 Challenge (4:00PM - 5:00 PM)

Like in previous Scrapfests, we will have an on-the-spot layout challenge. Materials from the challenge kit provided must be used. Challenge particulars and judging criteria will be announced prior to commencement of the contest.


OCTOBER 6, 2007
10:00AM – 6:00PM
Scout Tuazon, Quezon City

For a ticket fee of P650.00, each participant (same price for adults & children) is entitled to the following:
A mini album kit to complete during the hands-on workshop
A Scrapfest challenge kit.
A lunch and snack coupon
A raffle coupon
Use of various materials for stamping and embossing, as well as use of die-cutting machines.
Access to special discounts offered by the best scrapbooking suppliers all 10 of them in one venue, in one event
A slot to various demonstrations during the day. These demonstrations are also perfect for newbies wanting to dabble in hands on scrapbooking!
Note: As space is limited, ONLY TICKET HOLDERS will be allowed to enter the event.

Kindly check our site for pre payment details and promotions (several raffle prizes up for grabs) of the event.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Finally! I am the designated driver !

After 36 years I finally got my license and drove ! MANUAL TRANSMISSION!

Last friday, my hubby asked me to run an errand for him to get a certification he has been driving more than 5 years for his license in OZ. I found out this had to be obtained at the head office at EAST AVENUE QC (so this was shelved for TUES.) and not to waste my day, I just went ahead to the LTO in Las Pinas and processed my license. The corruption in this govt office is definitely evident -- so crystal clear -- its like the norm here -- so clear you dont even know that employees over the fixers. They are so intertwined and winks here and there, pats on the back and nonsense chit chat to conceal or reveal their modus operandi,.. the decision is to pay or not to pay !

Darn long day I tell you but I am glad all I gave up is the actual fees of the license and the tests that came with it -- and the 140 pesos of which alleviated me from trying to manoever an owner backward and forward in front of the naked public ! I would be so embarrased to do that in front of strangers --- and for goodness sake -- owner!... BEST 140 bucks I parted with ! As I said I am glad I didnt part with 1500 to fix my papers bec the ppl that paid just got off slightly earlier than me -- so meaning no real sense in paying when you cant even get out of there earlier. My time check for the whole day waste of my time was from 9am to 4:30 pm ! IMAGINE!

On, Sunday, with Driver Mon in the passenger seat and myself behind the wheel I drove from Sta Rosa to Pasig,... I was tense yes but I was on a mission ---- I needed to overcome my fears -- and I faced it head on -- course it was just driving pleasure bec no one was on the road but thank GOD my driving was way fine and my kids all got to PASIG Safe and sound,.. to my reading public this may not be a biggie but to me --- the chauffer (or hubby of course) driven lady for 36 years finally has learned to drive ! that's a milestone for me !

I ran upstairs to my MIL and hugged her as I told her my news bec I needed to share my happiness na finally I can drive and finally I have overcome my fear !

Monday, September 10, 2007

Friends forever

Its amazing not seeing a good friend for 22 years and still be able to pick up where you have leftoff.

It was a perfect afternoon I decided to give CRIS B. yahoo msg to see if she could swing to ATC in a jiffy,.. lo and behold she could,..

SO what was perfect for the afternoon was that -- we met -- we talked -- we caught like no days or years passed by,.. its like my bosom buddy never aged never changed -- the same sweet girl I knew and I envied for her popularity and her beauty,..

I never realised we both suffered a bad self esteem problem with ourselves -- but we both manifested that differently -- mine was concealed and kept hidden and hers was the years of different experiences that led her to to think of lesser of herself.

However I see more -- I know she is strong, street mart and determined to do more for her children. I know she can make something for herself -- she can move mountains only if she had the time and the energy to do it. I hope by meeting her again I could open her eyes to her own potential -- something she knows she has but just too busy and too concentrated on other things to let it out.

You are good friend, good woman and good mom, I know you can go places dearie --- whatever talents GOD gave you dont waste it --- use it and make it your stepping stone to bigger and better things ! She even went around shopping with me today -- fun fun fun !

I am so glad about this afternooon -- our fondest teenage memories, our noted details about boys -- we went back on those -- we giggled like teeners and we laughed at the silliest of things.

Its amazing how 2 friends can rewind the last 20 years to fit one afternoon!

Cris, for you boldness to share ty -- am so glad I made a date with you today !

Take care !

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

All of the photos speak of love

our photos really speak of love,.. dont you think so ?

more lovely pictures of our pictorial

These photographs as seen here, i feel really completes my life -- with the kids growing up and us embarking on a new phase of our lives in OZ -- its good to see wherever our feet takes us --- hand in hand and with love in hearts together we will be!

Was there ever a doubt

If anyone can capture the kind of pictures I wanted and to guide my childrend for great shots -- it would have to be JEFF LOPEZ,..

I dont need to even say anymore -- let his pictures speak for itself,....

Saturday, September 1, 2007

What happend to day

Sooner or later I pack my bags to leave and this blog will be my only link to my friends of over 5 years to let them know I am still alive and kicking (you know who you are girls --- my smiles are longer than the Chesapeake Bridge because you guys have AFFECTED my life here in Manila!),....

so this is todays update:
* my talented friends Jeff and Pia made chaga to look for shots for us West grove gardens today -- I wholeheartedly thank them for being patient, for being creative today, to try and extract good smiles from the kids. The pictorial today.... we have deviated from posed shots -- I wanted to catch the kids in their element and give them the space and environment to be their real selves,...I got my wish in several shots I wanted to get and truly JEFF Is a whiz at getting those sought after shots! -- ty friends --- see you in SYdney soon -- tutuloy natin plano mag photo shoot in the Harbor and all the picturesque sites of Sydney. Will post the pics very soon !

* we took Jerome to SM today because he caught as we wanted to leave for the mall. He was fine the whole time we were buying shoes for the boys at Florsheim -- we got Jorels undies and off we went for the queue of the train. He went there but the day must have really tired him out. He chucked a tantrum as we told him we were leaving after the train ride and man, I had to carry him for 30 metres,... complete with screams and uncontrollable tears,... I hope Jeromey these episodes don't happen anymore == pls cooperate. Pls help mom adjust to life with no YAYAs,... I need more patience I know -- I need more tolerance when my children chuck little fits.. I need strength to be super mom !

SO god help me pls.

short and sweet ppl !

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