Wednesday, September 26, 2007

1 Sentimental day

Forgive me if I need to say this out loud,....

The warmth and love of my friends are the best gifts I have recieved in years (aside from my own family). They have been with me through thick and thin and have laughed and cried with me in my journey through life. They have brought all the good out in me and tamed the ‘not so good’ in the process. They have helped me dream and helped me fufill those desires of my heart, I never thought ever possible. I am but thankful to my hobby, scrapbooking because it was my link to a world full of possibilities, a great and exciting group and a treasure chest of friends I will love forever.. for this I am thankful today….

I am thankful for April – who has helped put order in my life. Taught me to be organized, taught me to be less of a procrastinator. And to move faster…..

I am thankful to Liza for teaching me to take a breath first before I start reacting. To be more patient and to be more calm. My prayers are for you and NELO and your future bundle of joy.

I am thankful to Mia, for being a perfect example what a mother should be to her children. You are an inspiration and I admire your talent and intelligence my dear friend – I miss you so Mama Mia…

I am thankful to Ria, for always being a good leader, for giving me reality checks all the time and affirming me when I need it. Thanks so much for your generosity – you are a rare gem my friend,… and to me you are always beautiful,.. you have perfect eyes!

I am thankful to Pia, for showing me your dedication to ETHAN and for Jeff who is always generous to my family. I will emulate your teamwork and drive when I fly off to Sydney because that’s one thing Patrick and I will really work on when we are there especially with my children.

I am thankful to Ems, for showing me how much she loves Oliver, I know I need to be more loving to my husband as we embark on our new life. Thank you for being a loyal friend…
I am thankful to Bjay for always showing a great big smile and for inspiring me to have a cheerful disposition despite the trials and tribulations of life.

I am thankful to IRIS, for her kindness and generosity to share to others. I also admire you strength to endure any adversity in life. Thanks for sharing your talents !

I am thankful to the many friends I have made along the way – you have enriched my life, made me a better person.. For the all the love, friendship and generosity, I thank you all…


dianeskie said...


((((hugs))))) to you!

Ill see you on scrapfest. Talagang pinilit kong pumunta kasi gusto kitang makita before you leave. You are one of those people who helped me in my first year of scrapbooking. Thank you so much! I love you! Mwuah!


Liza said...

sis, you bring tears to my eyes as i read this. you've been a great friend as well. the way you dream, the way you want to see things happen is infectious. to you, noting is impossible. you are the dreamer, the innovator, the grand master planner. i am glad to have known you. i am glad that scrapbooking made us closer. you will leave a big void in our life once you go to oz. but i believe that distance is no issue to friends. you may be far, but i know you will always be here for us. willing to lend a hand and support whenever we need it. stay strong my friend. i will miss you but i love you to bits. hugs!!!

Jeff & Pia said...

Awwww! Napaiyak mo ako Joanini!

Thanks so much for this one. You know very well you are one of those who firmly believed in me and Jeff! Yes, you are a dreamer (and you often need that reality check) yet almost all of the dreams you have envisioned for the group and our community are all coming to realities. Come to think of that Joanne, you are the "gem" of this industry! We'll surely miss you! I for one will surely miss the very first person who patiently answered my stupid questions when I was starting with this hobby : )

Alam ko mahirap to leave but as what Liza said, di isssue ang distance ... friendship knows no boundaries.

I'm glad we are friends, I'll be forever grateful I have you met you!

We love you!

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