Monday, September 17, 2007

Finally! I am the designated driver !

After 36 years I finally got my license and drove ! MANUAL TRANSMISSION!

Last friday, my hubby asked me to run an errand for him to get a certification he has been driving more than 5 years for his license in OZ. I found out this had to be obtained at the head office at EAST AVENUE QC (so this was shelved for TUES.) and not to waste my day, I just went ahead to the LTO in Las Pinas and processed my license. The corruption in this govt office is definitely evident -- so crystal clear -- its like the norm here -- so clear you dont even know that employees over the fixers. They are so intertwined and winks here and there, pats on the back and nonsense chit chat to conceal or reveal their modus operandi,.. the decision is to pay or not to pay !

Darn long day I tell you but I am glad all I gave up is the actual fees of the license and the tests that came with it -- and the 140 pesos of which alleviated me from trying to manoever an owner backward and forward in front of the naked public ! I would be so embarrased to do that in front of strangers --- and for goodness sake -- owner!... BEST 140 bucks I parted with ! As I said I am glad I didnt part with 1500 to fix my papers bec the ppl that paid just got off slightly earlier than me -- so meaning no real sense in paying when you cant even get out of there earlier. My time check for the whole day waste of my time was from 9am to 4:30 pm ! IMAGINE!

On, Sunday, with Driver Mon in the passenger seat and myself behind the wheel I drove from Sta Rosa to Pasig,... I was tense yes but I was on a mission ---- I needed to overcome my fears -- and I faced it head on -- course it was just driving pleasure bec no one was on the road but thank GOD my driving was way fine and my kids all got to PASIG Safe and sound,.. to my reading public this may not be a biggie but to me --- the chauffer (or hubby of course) driven lady for 36 years finally has learned to drive ! that's a milestone for me !

I ran upstairs to my MIL and hugged her as I told her my news bec I needed to share my happiness na finally I can drive and finally I have overcome my fear !

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