Wednesday, May 30, 2007

BG layouts

I havent had the time to share this Basic Grey layout ... lots of precision cutting here -- somebody wack me over the head and let me change styles... Would you believe these were left over pps from the previous layouts -- sayang I said so I forced a layout to utilize the nice patterns of BG. Some took time cutting but anyway -- it jazzed up simple and older photos of Jacob and I..... not bad for a forced hand on a layout huh ?
This layout was a little struggle. I had this 8x 10 of Jorel's pic and the printers cut the head so I thought a circle cut on the photo will do the trick. My well meaning friend said matt it -- 'ooops!' they told me after I had finished the layout already so I just whipped out the Sakura pen and freehand wrote black outline on the edges. Messssyyyyyy but it was great way to salvage a beautiful photo after it was printed after a good suggestion was given.... Let see if the BG ppl like this..

(Credit to Tito Jeff for this great photo of Jorellie boy)

Layouts posted

I haven't really posted new layouts recently so heres my Cherry Arte Layouts (times 2).

I enjoyed this no mess no stress layout. It was really a cut and paste process.. and glad to use photos of Jacob that I have lying around...
This one loved so much too,.. I dont use this green that often bec it reminds me of grass and trees.. but his outfit called for such Cherry Arte papers.. It was a fluke that it matched -- or more like I forced it to match. I lifted some of the titles so it ll have more dimension... Jerome is such a cutie here (ty to Tito Jeff for getting a great shot of him !)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I smile to see this email in my in box.. ok a little excited too!

hi ms joanne,

the scrapfest on good finds will be aired on:

june 07- thursday at 8:30pm

and replays on:

june 09- saturday at 2pm
june 11-monday at 12:30am.

should you have any more question, do not hesitate to ask.

thnks and God bless!!!
Camille M. Javier
Executive Producer for Local Production
Lifestyle Network (Creative Programs, Inc.)
Tel: +63 2 415 2272 loc. 3207
Fax: +63 2 415 2272 loc. 3167

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mama' mothers day layout

All mom said about my layout was WOW!
What can one say,.. am the only scrapbooker in the house and they must think that I am the best (walang silang alam -- I belong to a group of scrappers oozing with great talent here !)

I revived the dull colors of Scrapworks Botanic Burst and was able to unearth Mama's beautiful photograph taken at my brother Josef's wedding In Australia... I would love to look like this 30 years from now too ! A lot of fancy precision cut and 3d flowers here but then again, thats my forte -- I flowers and 3d dimension....Here is Lourdes De Leon Figueroa -- Aged to Perfection...

Scrappinmoms blog for your SHE layouts
Here is the link for the inspiration series of the SHE layout we did at Scrapfest.

I am hoping people will pay it forward and send to us at there own take on the layouts to provide insipiration for others. We will be glad to post it and share with every one ! There are many more titles that are apt for everyone woman's personal journeys.... pls pls try it girls !

I would love to see also your decorated photoboxes to again show case to every body !

Kindly go to the scrappinmoms blog and see great layout takes of the SHE layouts, mine are totally simple layouts but the girls' versions of these layouts are simply sensational !

Working Mom challenge for all scrapbookers

I am so happy about this challenge, pity I cant join.. but I am excited for the scrap community for this -- I cant wait to find out who wins !

Working mom’s layout contest

Description: What is your favorite everyday activity with your child?

* Remember the photos should not be of big vacations, just something "ordinary" that both you and your child look forward to doing every day. This moment should be those we term as ‘Mommy time’.

This challenge is open to ALL scrapbookers no exception .
If you would like to join and are not a mommy (just yet), you can scrap about a mom and her child.

1. It can be a one page layout in 8x10 0r 12x12 or a spread (2 page spread is one entry)
NOTE: One entry per person only.
2. Please submit with the layout a short profile
a) your name
b) name of child and age
c) In 1-2 sentences, explain why you feel scrapbooking helps you as mother

3. For those who are scrapbooking another person’s photographs, submit your layout with a short profile.
a) your name
b) then name(s)of the person you are scrapbooking about
c) in one or 2 sentences, explain how scrapbooking has helped you as a woman .

Instructions for posting your entries:
a) please email photo jpeg of layout to
with "WORKING MOM SCRAP PAGE CONTEST" in the subject line.
Rename the jpeg files of your layouts using an alias’/nickname/code name
e.g. Joanne Yap’s codename is jothescrapaddict

b) post your layouts on or before the deadline of June 15, 2007

PRIZE: TOTAL MAKEOVER courtesy of Working Mom magazine
1 salon makeover (hair cut and hair color)
a set of makeup
a set of clothes and consultation with professional stylist on the best clothes for your body type

Important information * please be aware that winner must be willing to appear in the magazine.

Criteria for judging:
20 % for techniques
20 % compliance to requirements (theme of Quality time)
20 % photo quality
20 % journaling
20 % overall impact

Extra Tips:

1. please include PERSONAL journaling, not just a quote. it doesn't have to be perfect writing, as long as it's YOURS.

2. you can write about any everyday moment, any way you want to, but if you're TOTALLY STUCK, try these triggers:

do you have a special routine that nobody else knows or can do the way you do? (for example, i always put my little boy to bed, but only i know how to stroke his hair a particular way na he'll actually get sleepy.)

what side of you only comes out when you're with your kid? then pay attention when this side usually emerges -- what routines, what rituals? how does that moment "transform" you? why?

you don't have to use a recent picture. you can scrapbook your kid's baby photos (even if your "baby" is already in high school!). it can be a nostalgia piece: "my favorite moment with you when you were a baby was..."

if you wanted your child to remember one thing -- and one thing alone -- from this week, what would it be?

The competition will be judged strictly by the Working mom editorial team.
And winner will be announced shortly after the JUNE 15 deadline.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Scrapfest revelations

I just want to think out loud & randomly write this so when ppl come across this, they will know just how happy I am ... random thoughts after Scrapfest.

1) we are getting too big now --- having 115 participants in one roof is no joke to organize (but do know it was worth to see the great smiles, and the great work they displayed --- that will leave a lasting impresion on me),.... I think bigger venue or go exclusive to say 75 ppl? Working mom wants to help us on the next one hmmm but I won't be here then --- I hope April and the rest of the group would like to do it still....

2) I finally saw how hubby supports me in my hobby. HOW? My driver didnt arrive that day and he had to quickly eat and dress up to drive me. Not only that, He helped April and Ria set the tables that day (the tables were tight but I think scrappers were just keen to scrap so its one thing they can overlook).

3) Scrappers now are more serious and more scrapconcentrated on their art. I know we stressed them to the max with all day challenges but they knew it was day of scrap --- as in sit and scrap! A little different from the usual EB atmosphere. We didnt want to just go there and burn money, its one of those days we tested their creativity levels... and really sink their teeth into the challenges. I hope those who didnt join will continue their 6x6 layouts so that they can make their own mini books in thier photo boxes. I was moved to tears to see their photo boxes kasi in truth pinangarap ko yun when we were conceptualizing and to see them decorated and mind you my sample was just oh so simple -- their photo boxes looked so great ! Even under time pressure ! Iba talaga ang PINOY -- world class !

4) Nothing like winning and seeing tears that follow... Maybelle NGO our Scrapfest Challenge winner tug my heart as she became my no. 1 in my top 5 -- I had no idea my partners thought same. IT was her first time to join and win -- I think its a great example for people to keep trying and keep honing their craft -- to be in it, in order to win - NOT to join is a cop out..... but if you join and not win -- that's perfectly fine -- at least its better to have tried than not to have tried at all.

5) April and I have been doggone tired for weeks (mas pa sya I think kasi she works pa) but to see the smiles on their faces, to see their work --to me its one great fantastic high,.. call me a masochist -- i like to see some sort of pain to see smiles, to hear laughter and to see great layouts.

6) Media is finally noticing our hobby... that makes my smile BIGGER than big.... I am super glad that Ms Letty Lopez came to cover our event.. and if she writes about it in PHIL. Star, pardon me by saying this --- but I will be 'tickled pink'.. I dare not ask.. sana lang fingers crossed. Pero I have you know --- I have been courting her to attend our event... for the past 2 events I would send pics and article hoping one day she would entertain the thought of going or writing about us ---- and finally with a little patience she emailed... GOD is good... 'pag may tiyaga may nilaga....'

7) I love my friends, even if we asked them to help us -- twisted their arms to make 6x6 layouts for sampling, even if we started shaky on directions ---- I still appreciate it immensely they took out the time to inspire others. RIA, PIA, IRIS, LIZA, Cabbie, NINA, EMS, MAYBS, Kit-- your talent truly inspires others. Thanks for your time, your valuable inputs and your work of art. I will certainly never forget this.... To Nina, who went beyond the call of duty ---- who really made herself available that day -- thank you from the bottom of my heart ! To PIA especially who rushed her 6x6 layouts,... not only is it good -- I didnt even realised it was rushed. I know you and Jeff have so much work to do pero ty for giving it time... Jeff for helping us all the time Scrapfest -- big ty to you too... I hope I can help you in some way in the future!

8) No matter how well or how good you plan an event -- it will not be as how you envisioned it to be... we had to do embossing and we had no embossing gun or powder to use haaaay.... Its hard to demo too many layouts -- if we demo next time -- we again came away with this with better learning -- demo less amount of layouts and incorporate techniques in one or 2 layouts,... I thought the display samples were to be ignored... NO -- they appreciated it. In fact they wanted more to because they needed a basis....They liked the inspiration series too, of different scrappers too (we will fix the blog to publish the layout samples for ppl to continue on the SHE layouts). The ladies noted too the newsletter of instructions are good.

9) I realised too we are just mere scrapbookers passionate about our hobby if we want it to be bigger we need professionals to help mount the event.

10) I am glad ppl found the cost of entrance not so steep because we made sure it was value for money and definitely FUN! Even better I found new girls Marianet Ngo and her SIL fussing over my sizzix machine only to find them newbies who blindly attended the event by googling scrapbooking on the NET-- tapping over 20 newbies is one fantastic feat ! WOW.. that really capped off my day.. I was happy to see the familiar faces but it is with great pride we find new ones who really fall in love with this hobby!

till next one whenever that will be......
here are some snapshots from Pia -- will wait for CD from them once its done (ty po in advance tito jeff!)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Afternoon tete-a-tete with the LB scrapholics!

Twas a fun afternoon with the LB girls Helga, Dra Rita, Cora, Liezel and Issa at my house here in Sta Rosa. They were so generous to bring me kababawan fave of Pansit Malabon, Chocolate cake and Lumpia Sariwa.... I just had the grandest time -- I have never really met a group people that I clicked with so fast its like I have known them forever! I think the common deniminator is we are all moms crazy over scrapbooking....So what did they do at my house,.. my hand was kindly pushed to really sell some of my overflowing paper stash -- and they hoarded,.. They kept shouting they wont have anymore allowance for the scrapfest but I beg to differ,.... I am amazed as to how they get one thing and split it without arguing who gets the best stuff,.. imagine that ! IF it was all of us -- Ria, Liza, Arlene, April and the rest of the gang -- galit galit muna kami kasi sift thru the scrap stuff first then start talking when we have gotten what we like bwhahhahaha! They are so different, they talk and discuss and best of all advise if one has one already.... what a formidable group."

I am forever thankful to them kasi solid SE members sila supporting our passion and our events. They are the easiest ppl to please and I love them for their kind hearts and great friendship... I will promise to go there soon -- and pls promise to bring me to LILIW my yayas are raring for me to buy them shoes there. DO they make custom made boots there ? I hope s! Super thanks sa panahon nyo at pag patronize sa mga scrapstuff ko -- wahhhh ang dami pa kaya !

I thank you guys for also forcing my hand to clean my scrap room and it is now in the best tip top shape ever and for how long GOD only know hey!

I am just so overwhelmed how in heavens name I can pack my box to fit all my scrap supplies. HELP!
I had the biggest question popped yesterday morning when hubby asked IF I am selling all my stuff or taking them all to OZ -- I had to take 2 breaths first to answer the hardest question I faced in years, next to my kids my scrapbooking stuff are special to me -- stupid as my sound its something helps define who I am right now and its something I know I am good at.... Oh wow a clean table grabe!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Its a great day!

The Scrappinmoms dreamt of what we can do for the scrapbooking industry here -- we said a number of things:

1)Make scrapbooking more mainstream by providing venues for learnings in an event, in a magazine or just by being active in an egroup.

2) Be published in a local magazine promoting scrapbooking principles and related projects.
3)Encourage interested parties to try their hand in scrapbooking and help others once they have gotten the hang of it.

To date I think all those things we talked about over coffee are a reality, we have scrapfest, scrapbytes, scrap group, scrap articles etc.... all this in the 2 years we have been doing our utmost to promote our much loved hobby.

I keep thinking of my departure to OZ and I even if I leave with a heavy heart -- it is with great joy to know that I made a difference in little ways. My Scrappin moms group has really rallied to bring scrapbooking into the mainstream and I know they will keep at it till it becomes the hottest hobby in town! I am grateful too for my scrap group because it is in our quest for dreams fulfilled that they rally too to help us achieve those dreams. Scrappin moms was built on friendship and I am thankful to the likes of Ria, Liza, Iris, Pia (and many more of them) who are patient in listening to us. They really are detailed in tackling what we want, giving us ideas we never thought of -- becoming our sound board on our proposed activities for Scrapfest. That in itself is a great help and it's what makes Scrapfest successful even if it hasnt happened yet. I want to recognize their generosity for sharing their talents, their valued opinions and their fresh ideas. SO we are what we are today because of these people. Thank you girls!

I smile from ear to ear to day because the May Issue of Working mom is out and so is my Masigasig article, a booklet sold with Entrepeneur..... Scrapbooking projects on this magazine maybe simple for the regular scrapper but its a step in the right direction to make our hobby known. I know when I leave in September, April will carry on the work (fingers crossed it goes beyond 2007) and do it with flying colors. I know people will take more notice now and try it because its just the best hobby ever!

The Yaps strutting their stuff

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