Monday, September 10, 2007

Friends forever

Its amazing not seeing a good friend for 22 years and still be able to pick up where you have leftoff.

It was a perfect afternoon I decided to give CRIS B. yahoo msg to see if she could swing to ATC in a jiffy,.. lo and behold she could,..

SO what was perfect for the afternoon was that -- we met -- we talked -- we caught like no days or years passed by,.. its like my bosom buddy never aged never changed -- the same sweet girl I knew and I envied for her popularity and her beauty,..

I never realised we both suffered a bad self esteem problem with ourselves -- but we both manifested that differently -- mine was concealed and kept hidden and hers was the years of different experiences that led her to to think of lesser of herself.

However I see more -- I know she is strong, street mart and determined to do more for her children. I know she can make something for herself -- she can move mountains only if she had the time and the energy to do it. I hope by meeting her again I could open her eyes to her own potential -- something she knows she has but just too busy and too concentrated on other things to let it out.

You are good friend, good woman and good mom, I know you can go places dearie --- whatever talents GOD gave you dont waste it --- use it and make it your stepping stone to bigger and better things ! She even went around shopping with me today -- fun fun fun !

I am so glad about this afternooon -- our fondest teenage memories, our noted details about boys -- we went back on those -- we giggled like teeners and we laughed at the silliest of things.

Its amazing how 2 friends can rewind the last 20 years to fit one afternoon!

Cris, for you boldness to share ty -- am so glad I made a date with you today !

Take care !

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