Friday, April 30, 2010

BOYS Training

We have started to train the boys to help us.
And to start with -- we have timed their meals eating on their own to ensure they finish all thats in their plate and in the least time possible. They take their plates to the sink and the plates need to be finished -- no leftovers.

The motivation is to gain enough points to earn the privilege to play their compute, WII, and their DS.

After school they put away their bags and lunch boxes. They put away their socks and jackets. We have also taught them to pack away toys before asking for others to be taken out.

They take their own baths, dry themselves and brush their teeth. Its taken a while for us to get this up to speed -- sometimes us parents just do it ourselves to avoid stressing and the kids mucking up. However I think its high time they should really learn.

It sure is a work in progress -- but this is hoping they will continue to do it. One day they can put away the washing from the line, make their beds and do the dishes but for now we start with this.

Good on ya Jacob and Jerome for doing your part of the bargain -- independence = games unlimited.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A day out in the city

I feel so guilty that the 2 boys happiness sometimes is compromised as my concentration is directly at Jorel's activities. I am humbled though because they step up the plate and really help out their brother.

I asked hubby if I could take the kids to the Sydney Aquarium.
I marvelled at how simple happiness can take flight in such a short train ride.
I am proud to say this ride is bliss for my boys. Just as they would be happy enough to check out toys in the store -- to touch and to check out whats there but never to demand to buy. The ride is like a treat !

When I had mentioned that trip to the city -- 2 days before they were already counting the sleeps with so much gusto....

And as Patrick dropped us off at the station and we bought our tickets -- they couldn't stop talking. They were indeed excited and they couldn't stop with the questions -- what time the train will come, what kind of train will arrive and what time can we arrive at the city. They even checked out the stations on the City rail map and asked me to help them plot the stations we were passing by to reach our destination. Simple happiness I tell you !

And when we got to the Aquarium -- how wonderful to hear their commentary about the 'sea creatures' (as they termed it) and their conversations. They asked me to take pictures and videos because they are asking me to make a mini-book of the trip to share with their classmates. I am gladly taking up the request and here's hoping I can do it asap. Here are some snapshots of the trip..

Patrick, on his 37th birthday

Patrick the reluctant celebrant

I would always try to make a big deal for celebrating his birthday but he always wants to downplay it – how ? no celebration – no party --- its just another day.. but as simple as it is --- I need to recognize what he does for the family --- the hard work, the patience, the perseverance in every aspect of our lives,....

Thanks honey for being patient and really putting up with my antics. For the love you always unconditionally give us. Of course the relentless help you extend to me and the boys – God is watchingyou and am certain he will continue to bless you with good health and blessings because you are a great dad/husband.

Happy birthday to my best friend, my lover and to my partner in life !

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