Saturday, September 1, 2007

What happend to day

Sooner or later I pack my bags to leave and this blog will be my only link to my friends of over 5 years to let them know I am still alive and kicking (you know who you are girls --- my smiles are longer than the Chesapeake Bridge because you guys have AFFECTED my life here in Manila!),....

so this is todays update:
* my talented friends Jeff and Pia made chaga to look for shots for us West grove gardens today -- I wholeheartedly thank them for being patient, for being creative today, to try and extract good smiles from the kids. The pictorial today.... we have deviated from posed shots -- I wanted to catch the kids in their element and give them the space and environment to be their real selves,...I got my wish in several shots I wanted to get and truly JEFF Is a whiz at getting those sought after shots! -- ty friends --- see you in SYdney soon -- tutuloy natin plano mag photo shoot in the Harbor and all the picturesque sites of Sydney. Will post the pics very soon !

* we took Jerome to SM today because he caught as we wanted to leave for the mall. He was fine the whole time we were buying shoes for the boys at Florsheim -- we got Jorels undies and off we went for the queue of the train. He went there but the day must have really tired him out. He chucked a tantrum as we told him we were leaving after the train ride and man, I had to carry him for 30 metres,... complete with screams and uncontrollable tears,... I hope Jeromey these episodes don't happen anymore == pls cooperate. Pls help mom adjust to life with no YAYAs,... I need more patience I know -- I need more tolerance when my children chuck little fits.. I need strength to be super mom !

SO god help me pls.

short and sweet ppl !

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