Friday, April 30, 2010

BOYS Training

We have started to train the boys to help us.
And to start with -- we have timed their meals eating on their own to ensure they finish all thats in their plate and in the least time possible. They take their plates to the sink and the plates need to be finished -- no leftovers.

The motivation is to gain enough points to earn the privilege to play their compute, WII, and their DS.

After school they put away their bags and lunch boxes. They put away their socks and jackets. We have also taught them to pack away toys before asking for others to be taken out.

They take their own baths, dry themselves and brush their teeth. Its taken a while for us to get this up to speed -- sometimes us parents just do it ourselves to avoid stressing and the kids mucking up. However I think its high time they should really learn.

It sure is a work in progress -- but this is hoping they will continue to do it. One day they can put away the washing from the line, make their beds and do the dishes but for now we start with this.

Good on ya Jacob and Jerome for doing your part of the bargain -- independence = games unlimited.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A day out in the city

I feel so guilty that the 2 boys happiness sometimes is compromised as my concentration is directly at Jorel's activities. I am humbled though because they step up the plate and really help out their brother.

I asked hubby if I could take the kids to the Sydney Aquarium.
I marvelled at how simple happiness can take flight in such a short train ride.
I am proud to say this ride is bliss for my boys. Just as they would be happy enough to check out toys in the store -- to touch and to check out whats there but never to demand to buy. The ride is like a treat !

When I had mentioned that trip to the city -- 2 days before they were already counting the sleeps with so much gusto....

And as Patrick dropped us off at the station and we bought our tickets -- they couldn't stop talking. They were indeed excited and they couldn't stop with the questions -- what time the train will come, what kind of train will arrive and what time can we arrive at the city. They even checked out the stations on the City rail map and asked me to help them plot the stations we were passing by to reach our destination. Simple happiness I tell you !

And when we got to the Aquarium -- how wonderful to hear their commentary about the 'sea creatures' (as they termed it) and their conversations. They asked me to take pictures and videos because they are asking me to make a mini-book of the trip to share with their classmates. I am gladly taking up the request and here's hoping I can do it asap. Here are some snapshots of the trip..

Patrick, on his 37th birthday

Patrick the reluctant celebrant

I would always try to make a big deal for celebrating his birthday but he always wants to downplay it – how ? no celebration – no party --- its just another day.. but as simple as it is --- I need to recognize what he does for the family --- the hard work, the patience, the perseverance in every aspect of our lives,....

Thanks honey for being patient and really putting up with my antics. For the love you always unconditionally give us. Of course the relentless help you extend to me and the boys – God is watchingyou and am certain he will continue to bless you with good health and blessings because you are a great dad/husband.

Happy birthday to my best friend, my lover and to my partner in life !

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Catch up time

Its been a very hectic few months -- this blog has taken a backseat to Fb mania,.. I should really write my thoughts here.. so let me just enumerate current updates of the Yap family...

My 2 boys Jacob and Jerome are on vacation from school and of course the WII is their best friend --what was meant to be only Wed to Sun thing has become all day long Mon to Fri,.

Oh I guess it beats the boredom and the fights the come along with doing something they dont like or had just enuff of it... Obviously the WII helps them work together -- shares the joy of the playing Mario kart.. I would never imagine in my lifetime every enjoying that -- I guess I am not a competitive person nor do I get thrills from it. I have come to realise I am more artistically incline -- hence the papertoling and the scrapbooking.

Hubby Patrick on the other hand has arrived -- not in the mere sense of having left and arrive at Kingsford smith airport. Its more of realising, Sydney is where he should be. He has truly adopted the Australian way of life and now refers to Manila as just the vacation country and the place to visit his family. This is where we live now and this is where our boys will grow up. Of course with our children studying here and our 3rd son Jorel starting Early Intervention this year. Its also a blessing that he has come to realise the industry he should be in and the kind of financial rewards he can potentially get to provide for our family. I know leaving Manila was so hard for him to start over. It was just nice he has a path to move forward and has found fulfillment in his work. I know God will continue to guide him along the way. God knows our needs especially with Patrick dealing with mortgage solo.

My son Jorel has been trying to speak and picks up sign language easier now. I am so proud to recount his milestones because I know GOD is always visible in his life. As always when I feel sad and lost -- he keeps me hoping and surprises me with little words he forms from his little sweet mouth. If only you see how my heart bursts each time he says TA (thank you), asks for milk, and says his name. Of late he started saying 'yes' with prompts and for others thats' a natural course of life, but for Jorel its a slow process to connect speech to his needs. When he says YEAH -- I'd want to do cartwheels. I do feel funny teaching him 'NO ' but I know am not with him 24/7 this year -- he needs to be always aware in responding to other peoples' requests.

Over all -- I have just had a simple 2009 year. I have started becoming a little more conscious with weight and fitness, gaining some poundage in the process of enjoying my food. I have had been religious with fulfilling my ME time -- so I am not slow to anger and frustration. Nice salon trips for mani/pedi/hairdo has done the trick. Laryngitis toward year end also stopped me from screaming each time I am unhappy with things. The kids seem to be more cooperative for some reason. I guess the time out for Mommy made her look more lucrative to the kids. The monster mom has softened a little. Jacob now cuddles and kisses me more.. I love it.

I would always promise myself that I would try to be a better mom but you know -- I can only really do my best. I am not perfect I know am deeply flawed person but I know in God's eyes -- he knows I really do try.

Figueroa kids with my parents

Hubby and I

My boys and I

Gifts time and my lovely tree

Gets harder by the year to get my boys
in one frame (in a decent shot)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

We will get there

Jorel is now 4 and its been a year since they have confirmed his special needs and with his speech lagging behind -- I never thought to see the day he can utter what could be close to words. However there is a greater power and if you only believe --- miracles do happen and exist in everday life. Thank you lord for granting our wish to have him utter words before he was four,..From nil to all of sudden 5 to 6 words -- i wish for that to be times five for his 5th bday.This year of accomplishments is a crucial time as we prepare him for school,.. The long road ahead maybe uncertain but my heart hopes and pleads, he does reach full potential.

For those who know him -- he is a sweet and lovable young boy,.. He may suddenly smack anyone without reason but its frustration and lack of verbal language that irks him to do so.. I as a mother profusely beg for people's understanding -- soon -- soon he will not need to do that -- the power of words will eliminate his inability to express his needs.

I am thankful to friends and family who love him, notice him, say hello to him and silently pray for him as he goes through his journey. I am deeply humbled that you take the time to get to know him and that you have genuine concern for him.. SALAMAT.... from the bottom of my heart....

to my sister Jovy who always prays and loves my son -- you are my no.1 staunch supporter and you have really always uplifted me when I get down and want to give up.. Thanks,... thank you for loving my sweet boy,... here are some pics of Jorellie boy.... I hope you like it as much as I do!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Long overdue

I took close up shots of my sisters' daughter's (Jacinta) Hello kitty party.

it is my hope to kick start the biz I have been so wanting to start,..

I hope this pictures will serve as a catalyst to really get up my little tushy and work,.. and stop procastinating.....

Monday, August 24, 2009

I am back !!!!!

I have finally gotten up to reviving my blog -- been at the FB updating all the time and so I thought to repost my notes there to here...

Will come back again later to write updates and post pics too...
Be brave... let go....Wednesday, March 4, 2009 at 7:19pm

This has been something DIFFICULT for me....FACING UP TO IT and learning about my Jorel's special needs,... However one is resilient during adversities -- haharapin mo yan eh --- kasi you need too........ So you just learn to live with it and do what you can to help him...

fast forward to present day.....

At first in those indoor playgrounds we would forever be on his tail to make sure he wasn't in any harm or maybe in little tussles with other boys. We have let go and let him have his space... and of late --- he has never pushed anyone (this was just phase for a few months).If anything those huge LOLLIPOPs playland.... He seems the happiest sliding and playing -- like any normal kid would in this kind of recreation.

Now, I have gone against my fears once again and let him learn swimming,.... The 2 older KUYAs have been going for months now and the joy to see them floating and doing laps (with floaters still) is just priceless... One day I saw 4 to 5 month old babies swimming in the pool with their moms. They were still in the floating stages but toddlers younger than JOREL were already doing dog paddles and floating on their backs, or swimming freestyle even...

A little ligh bulb in my head lit up and I realized -- what am I afraid off... Jorel has been swimming (without lessons) with his brothers since he was 4 months old-- this was weeklywas, when we were living in Manila then -- why should it be any different to those babies with no communication skills at this time?There was no reason that Jorel couldnt learn to swim when he can understand instruction now and respond....

My son has been to 2 lessons so far and the same joy and smiles I see each time we go swimming -- yeah that was so evident,.... The second lesson he could even hold the side of the pool and pull himself up to sit on the edge... And when the teacher said 'raise your hand' -- the stance teaching them how to dive (in preparation to it anyway) he raised his hands, all smiles and jumped !

His teacher even let him go and he knew to keep his head over the water. He was kicking and using his hands with such gusto. Ang saya saya nya....... I was amazed when the teacher attended to other kids with him -- he just sat on the edge,... occasionally standing up (so si Mommy JO nervous to the max) but he was fine... He was having a blast,...

I was beaming with happiness --- he could have been learning same time as his KUYAs. To top it off his LOLO George and LOLA Lettie were there to witness his first lessons.... I could see how proud they are of our boys esp our newbie swimmer Jorel.

Moral of the story is ----- if child is not scared -- then why should be the Adult be scared too...
so Mommy Jo -- face up -- it was you that held him back when all along he just wanted to learn...
so from now on ---- BE BRAVE AND LET GO !!

Training my boys.. Wednesday, July 29, 2009 at 5:29pm
If motherhood was made into an instructional manual of sorts, a lot of moms would queue to buy it,.. I would be camping out to just get my hands on it,...

Course my brood are 3 different personalities -- 3 diff types of needs and I had to learn fast how to adapt to each one of them.

Yesterday Jorel and I braved our first dental checkup --- I say that collectively because I was more afraid how he would fight me in helping him open his mouth. Lets say he did it well and they said ALL OK no cavities.. Special kids dont really like opening their mouths, much less a masked individual ask them to do so. I am glad I really try to brush his teeth,... and that luckily he doesnt like sweet drinks or chocolates,.....

Then we had therapy -- it was a wonderful day -- he was really responding well... I left there so proud of my boy,.... God really listens -- he is intently listening to my prayers for sweet boy.

Then came the MALL --- I didn't bring a stroller so I placed him in the mall trolley,.... and at first near the handle where you put babies but I realized he was just too cramped there..I stuff the trolley with Shopping (lagot!) and I made him sit in there and he was just super ok. We waited for us to get KFC and although he preferred my Chinese food -- he sat next to me in the food court area. He even got close to the young ladies while they ate their lunch but he never ran nor tried to go down. He was behaved.

Before I would absolutely die if he was to try to abscond or when he would refuse stopping in the stroller. Now my boy has grown and listens and follows. Again he has surprised me and allowed me to again realize -- I should believe in him more and trust his capabilities. Our life may not be PERFECT but I see GOD's perfection and miracles in HIM. Sometimes I often get depressed but little by little he uplifts me through my son.

I have started walking with him hand in hand for at least 30 minutes for him to get used to it. He would hold my hand automatically and listens to me when i need him closer.... Of course I would like to increase this as time goes by and so I would never be afraid to be walking my 3 boys around (esp when I am alone with the boys).

Lately we have been doing behavioral therapy. and we are working harder to really help him adjust to normalcy,... GOD is good -- he will see us through..... I just know it !

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lasting friendships....

I am so lucky to catch a night where all my girlfriends were present. These are the people I miss dearly in Manila. A night with them is just time well spent of great conversation and infectious laughter.

God is good -- he gave me a great set of friends who will always be there for you. They are ones who will uplift you when you are down and will rejoice with you in your success. They are first to compliment you when you look good and be the one to give you sound advise when you need it.

This is what friendship should be right. Its to love a person -- good points, flaws and all. And to understand you even in your bad days.

This is why it saddens me to hear of friendships that have not lasted. To hear of people deprived of great relationships (they dont know what they are missing)... How I wish I can share with them secret of our lasting friendship.

BOLDly, I am proud to say we just love each other. We dont feel envy in ones' triumphs (whether its career, family or even hobby), in fact we feel the same intensity too, as if it was US that won.

The support system is strong and we really help each other out, as best as we could.
I think that works -- with that combination -- I think even when we are in our GOLDEN years --- we will still laugh, cry, rejoice in the same way....

It maybe love for family and scrapbooking that has brought together but beyond that --- we have grown together as a band of women who enjoys life. WE have learned to not preoccupy ourselves with negativity and invite good karma by being happy and content... So the smiles you see here are all real.. for there is love amongst friends in this group...

Thank you girls for your time with me in MANILA -- I miss you all already,...
sayang IRIS was absent on this dinner...

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