Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A day out in the city

I feel so guilty that the 2 boys happiness sometimes is compromised as my concentration is directly at Jorel's activities. I am humbled though because they step up the plate and really help out their brother.

I asked hubby if I could take the kids to the Sydney Aquarium.
I marvelled at how simple happiness can take flight in such a short train ride.
I am proud to say this ride is bliss for my boys. Just as they would be happy enough to check out toys in the store -- to touch and to check out whats there but never to demand to buy. The ride is like a treat !

When I had mentioned that trip to the city -- 2 days before they were already counting the sleeps with so much gusto....

And as Patrick dropped us off at the station and we bought our tickets -- they couldn't stop talking. They were indeed excited and they couldn't stop with the questions -- what time the train will come, what kind of train will arrive and what time can we arrive at the city. They even checked out the stations on the City rail map and asked me to help them plot the stations we were passing by to reach our destination. Simple happiness I tell you !

And when we got to the Aquarium -- how wonderful to hear their commentary about the 'sea creatures' (as they termed it) and their conversations. They asked me to take pictures and videos because they are asking me to make a mini-book of the trip to share with their classmates. I am gladly taking up the request and here's hoping I can do it asap. Here are some snapshots of the trip..

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