Sunday, November 8, 2009

We will get there

Jorel is now 4 and its been a year since they have confirmed his special needs and with his speech lagging behind -- I never thought to see the day he can utter what could be close to words. However there is a greater power and if you only believe --- miracles do happen and exist in everday life. Thank you lord for granting our wish to have him utter words before he was four,..From nil to all of sudden 5 to 6 words -- i wish for that to be times five for his 5th bday.This year of accomplishments is a crucial time as we prepare him for school,.. The long road ahead maybe uncertain but my heart hopes and pleads, he does reach full potential.

For those who know him -- he is a sweet and lovable young boy,.. He may suddenly smack anyone without reason but its frustration and lack of verbal language that irks him to do so.. I as a mother profusely beg for people's understanding -- soon -- soon he will not need to do that -- the power of words will eliminate his inability to express his needs.

I am thankful to friends and family who love him, notice him, say hello to him and silently pray for him as he goes through his journey. I am deeply humbled that you take the time to get to know him and that you have genuine concern for him.. SALAMAT.... from the bottom of my heart....

to my sister Jovy who always prays and loves my son -- you are my no.1 staunch supporter and you have really always uplifted me when I get down and want to give up.. Thanks,... thank you for loving my sweet boy,... here are some pics of Jorellie boy.... I hope you like it as much as I do!


Maricar said...
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Maricar said...

Happy birthday, Jorel (belated na yata?)!

Jo, this video is so sweet! Your little boy is soo happy and jolly, and the bond between him and Pat is obvious. You have a very loving little boy! :)

Jeff and Pia said...

Happy Birthday Jorel! Bilis ng panahon, Jo!

Jo, I really admire you for your strength! I know that the Lord will grant your heart's wish in His time! We miss you!

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