Sunday, January 17, 2010

Catch up time

Its been a very hectic few months -- this blog has taken a backseat to Fb mania,.. I should really write my thoughts here.. so let me just enumerate current updates of the Yap family...

My 2 boys Jacob and Jerome are on vacation from school and of course the WII is their best friend --what was meant to be only Wed to Sun thing has become all day long Mon to Fri,.

Oh I guess it beats the boredom and the fights the come along with doing something they dont like or had just enuff of it... Obviously the WII helps them work together -- shares the joy of the playing Mario kart.. I would never imagine in my lifetime every enjoying that -- I guess I am not a competitive person nor do I get thrills from it. I have come to realise I am more artistically incline -- hence the papertoling and the scrapbooking.

Hubby Patrick on the other hand has arrived -- not in the mere sense of having left and arrive at Kingsford smith airport. Its more of realising, Sydney is where he should be. He has truly adopted the Australian way of life and now refers to Manila as just the vacation country and the place to visit his family. This is where we live now and this is where our boys will grow up. Of course with our children studying here and our 3rd son Jorel starting Early Intervention this year. Its also a blessing that he has come to realise the industry he should be in and the kind of financial rewards he can potentially get to provide for our family. I know leaving Manila was so hard for him to start over. It was just nice he has a path to move forward and has found fulfillment in his work. I know God will continue to guide him along the way. God knows our needs especially with Patrick dealing with mortgage solo.

My son Jorel has been trying to speak and picks up sign language easier now. I am so proud to recount his milestones because I know GOD is always visible in his life. As always when I feel sad and lost -- he keeps me hoping and surprises me with little words he forms from his little sweet mouth. If only you see how my heart bursts each time he says TA (thank you), asks for milk, and says his name. Of late he started saying 'yes' with prompts and for others thats' a natural course of life, but for Jorel its a slow process to connect speech to his needs. When he says YEAH -- I'd want to do cartwheels. I do feel funny teaching him 'NO ' but I know am not with him 24/7 this year -- he needs to be always aware in responding to other peoples' requests.

Over all -- I have just had a simple 2009 year. I have started becoming a little more conscious with weight and fitness, gaining some poundage in the process of enjoying my food. I have had been religious with fulfilling my ME time -- so I am not slow to anger and frustration. Nice salon trips for mani/pedi/hairdo has done the trick. Laryngitis toward year end also stopped me from screaming each time I am unhappy with things. The kids seem to be more cooperative for some reason. I guess the time out for Mommy made her look more lucrative to the kids. The monster mom has softened a little. Jacob now cuddles and kisses me more.. I love it.

I would always promise myself that I would try to be a better mom but you know -- I can only really do my best. I am not perfect I know am deeply flawed person but I know in God's eyes -- he knows I really do try.

Figueroa kids with my parents

Hubby and I

My boys and I

Gifts time and my lovely tree

Gets harder by the year to get my boys
in one frame (in a decent shot)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne,
I'm so pleased to hear Jorel is doing well, in terms of speech. He will also learn a great deal through intervention.

Makaton sign language is very easy to learn for both you and Jorel. It's always good to also combine verbal with sign so Jorel can make the connection, though I'm sure you probably already know this. It's just my way of reaching out, from a mother with a special needs child to another mother with special needs child.

I wish you well, and may God grant you the strength: physically, emotionally and mentally, to help Jorel through his life journey.

I wish the Figueroa clan a healthy and happy life also.

God bless...While you're carrying Jorel, God is carrying you ("Footprints")

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