Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How do i find the time to scrap

Mickee an old friend from NOWIES egroup asked me this question..
How do you find the time to scrap with your 3 boys?

And I repeated that question over and over again,...

And this is how I do it,... I start with an idea (during quiet time or say muni muni times),..
find my pics,... choose my pps and start cutting,.. the process is about mga 3 to 5 days depends on how intricate or how simple the layout is -- course the latter --- its easy lang so kahit 1 day kaya,..

the boys play heaps here at home so I can be cutting and supervising them at the same time.

The 2 older boys go to school and the youngest one go to preschool so I have ME time naman during the week,... that is in between chores, picking up kids from school, theraphy apmts, trip to the supermarket -- etc,..

I guess what makes it easy to try to scrap alongside all the rigors of domesticity is the committment and the love for the craft -- and also the vision that one day when my boys are bigger they will come to value what I have done. And I will treasure all their compliments of what I have recorded for them to read and see.. I know my memory will never be the same but my scrapbooks will speak for itself....

And of couse my ever supportive hubby has taken laundry away from me so that has freed me up some time too for ME time when the house is quiet and I can do anything that pleases me -- even for the shortest time.. thats pretty much what keeps me sane -- so he just lets me,...

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