Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A layout for my jorellie boy

Title: You gave life new meaning

Creative Imaginations Narratives Creme pps
Kraft/Fabriano Cardstock
Embl: Blings, Stazon black inks, Flocked chipboard letters, Provo rubon letters, CI die cut letters

You gave new meaning to my life. After Dad and I decided for you to be our last child – we had agonized over such a decision. However with GOD’s leading we knew it was the right thing to do – it was after all valuing life, mommy’s health and our family time. Dad and I are truly devoted to you 3 and what’s best for our family.

When I had you, I cried uncontrollably, real tears they were.... So did Dad too.. WE prayed for a healthy child. Now those tears don’t come anymore because I was MADE ready for you.
You came into our lives –the cutest smile, the nicest pair of eyes I have ever seen,.... There was something magical when your face broke into a smile and the way you cuddled us upon excitement. You began to draw us closer with those smiles. It was ones that wiped away my worries, uplift my low times and alleviated my fears. You gave new meaning to my life and have to taught me to value all my blessings, especially our FAMILY.

Now I know why we are here in Sydney – it is because – this is the place where you will truly shine... where we will learn to cling to each other for strength. I am so glad we didn’t stop at 2 or else I’d never experience being enriched by your presence..... I have become the kind of mom with patience, dedication and unconditional love.... thanks to you.. I love you JOREL....

These photos couldn't be cropped in my opinion. I wanted to show the series of heartwarming images as Jorel hugged me and enjoyed the day out with Dad and I. I wanted to capture his sweet nature. I wrote about his birth and our sentiments in my journalling for him. I kept the design as simple as can be. I created a pocket with the large photo to disguise my journalling tag.
This layout took only a while to do because all it needed was a nice presentation because the photographs spoke for itself

1 comment:

bjay said...

naiyak naman ako sa journaling. jorel is indeed an extremely lucky boy to have you as a mom.

miss you, mars! can't wait for summer to come. hala, chikahan na namang walang humpay! :)

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