Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Unsuccesful driving test

I failed my practical driving test in the last 3 minutes of the exam -- why? A sign that says 'road works at 40km -- man where is the road work oh my gosh!,.... its funny the instructor said sorry that I failed but she had no choice because its her job to follow the guidelines of the test.

I dont feel bad about the fail -- I know I did great and the instructor told me so -- but an overspeeding is an auto fail on the test,....

I feel bad because Patrick will have to readjust his sched to pick up the boys at 2:45 to be at school at 2:55 pm. Thank GOD he just works across our flat and the school is like 3 minutes drive only. I pack his lunch now for work so he can duck out at that time of the boy's dismissal time.

I have given Patrick a responsiblity that should be mine to take and this FAIL means 6 weeks no solo driving on my learners permit. DRATS! Its a setback alright but they say to fail is to teach one a lesson. My lesson is --- to not breathe normally till the testing officer says I passed. bwahahahahaah!

I wil try to rebook my driving test on the 17th March to an earlier date so I will call the RTA office weekly to check for cancellations. It is my hope that it will better news hey, next time round.

1 comment:

leira said...

hi Joanne.. i feel for you i really do.. i also need to learn how to drive so medyo tensed din ako.. at least it will give you more time to practice so you could ace it next time..


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