Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We have our own car now! FINALLY!

This is our first Xmas holidays here in Australia - and how special to end the year by getting our ppl mover, a Toyota Avensis. Its a sporty family sedan to fit 7 comfortably. Admittedly - am extra careful using this car since its brand new and slightly wider compared to the BMW we borrowed from my dad for 2 months. I have to get used to it because school starts in 4 weeks for the 2 boys.

When Patrick drove it up my mom's house -- the children shouted 'wow' upon seeing our car. They seemed so happy with our choice....

We rang my inlaws too (our dear sponsors for this acquisition) and they seemed happy we have our own car now and not borrowing anymore.. God bless my inlaws... how wonderfully generous they are,....

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