Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tales of the new Sydney driver (episode 2)

Here I am talking more about my driving... I feel writing it, saying it out loud will teach me to be a better at it.. to be more alert and aware that I am the one behind the wheel..

The switch from the BMW to the TOYOTA Avensis was drastic. The BM had a stiffer accelerator and steering and it speeds off slower than the TOYOTA. My car on the other hand has a softer steering and accelerator I termed as feather touch. So you can imagine the near whiplash when I accidentally step on it hard..... Haay naku! I know I will be borrowing Papa's 15 year old car for my Feb 5 test (thank god for that car !) because I dont want to fail and I dont want to pay another 43 bucks --- worse wait for another slot na seems set back another 4 weeks,..... SCHOOL is starting and I need to be the bus driver for the 2 kids haaay!

SO New Years day when I parked behind the BMW at my moms house-- I nearly knocked into its rear...... you can just imagine how my heart raced a 100 kms per hour,... i stepped on the accelerator too hard and good thinking 99 (oh thats me ok !) stepped on the brakes.... and the kids were still in the car at the time.

And if thats not enuff we went Thurs night late night shopping to buy some things..... I hand brake the car and did not put it to park (blame it on my inexperience you know)... Since I driver closer to the wheel --- darn! Patrick swapped with me to do reverse park and he stepped on the accelerator... Imagine my panic I was outside of the car watching him cope with the panic and trying to press brake. The episode was heated because he blamed me for driving too close,... I said to him -- 'man, why did you step on the accelerator then'. He said 'why did you not park it',... And i did tell him if he thought I was too close why did he not adjust it and walk in, the lever was so easy to reach... I guess we were both we were coping with what happened. The panic, the nervousness, just all that. The children were all still strapped in the car then..

My knees shook after,.... Patrick's foot was strained from trying to stop the car. Despite the bad little incident -- we were able to have a family dayout in the mall. Jerome is better now -- still running but less tantrums now... A far cry from the lashing out he did with my 3 yayas back in Manila. Now Patrick had a good run -- just chasing after the boy.....

Thank god we didn't bump into anyone that time.... Thank god we had still a fun family day out that evening.... And thank god Patrick and I were level headed after the incident.

(as you are reading this and you dont know -- I have only been driving since Sept 14)

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