Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Scrapfest 4 - A Shining Success

Every Scrapfest we live and learn from each event and we trully believe that we are keeping our goal to share and teach techniques to our participants.

And Judging from their smiles and even their tears, we have continued this tradition with an extra plus of our scrapbookers... and 'extra plus' is that is we trully care for them. Every event is planned around them and we always have them in mind when planning for demos, to the food and even to the contents of their loot bag!

Our demonstrations were set up in U shape format to allow our participants to enjoy and learn from our "I confess" demonstration . I also sensed that the participants were a lot more confortable in this set up and they breezed through the demonstration with ease. I noticed a lot of newbies attended and I am so glad they did because we need to grow us a community. Some of the newbies already had potential and so prepared to be wowed one day ladies by the new breed of scrapbookers. Scrappin Moms idol was with the intention to set up a competition that will give rise to the talent and ingenuity of the Filipino Scrapper. A lot of them would not even care or have the guts to join but with much prodding they did.

We believe in them and we believe there is something there to tap.

Our 12 finalists are winners in their own rights --- they have lived through all the challenges with much gusto and drive -- not to just win but to challenge them selves to think and scrap outside of the box.

As we saw their work displayed, I had to grab my jaw from dropping straight on the floor because I was flabergasted on how each layout came out. Even as the winners were being announced -- our shining 12, I had felt like a mother getting all teary eyed for her childs' award. I was so impressed and so glad we gave them a venue to show their talents.

The Scrapfest was born this OCTOBER thru the great bayanihan of our suppliers. I am personally thankful to them (alongside my mommy partners) because they always give their all out support to us.

We thought of Scrappin Moms IDOL so close to the Scrapfest but jumping on the sponsorship band wagon was our beloved and Lasting Impressions. Sahrie and Vivian needn't hear our full details - they just believed we were cooking up a great competition. And following their tracks our other friends from My little Attic, Visual Creations, Memory Lane, Buzy Bee and CID Systems who realised too, the scrappers here need to sink their teeth into something.

It is an event at the end of the year and most sponsorships are ignored for any industry. I refer to them as my angels because they have such kind hearts ! Julie and Sheryl of Bookoto lent their extra mile hands to us and helped us get sponsorship from Creating Keepsakes, Leisure Arts, Creative Memories and Somerset Memories. under the capable hands of Sahrie Wenceslao again generously donated the KI papers in our lootbags. And to top it all off -- the photo finishes of all photo finishes, Del Monte Kitchenomics who are as excited as we are with our partnership - generously donated their products and became a highlight of our demonstration "I confess"...

All our suppliers generously donated products for raffle and loot bag and I would like to recognize the following, Elizabeth of King Jim, thank you for always supporting us in our events.
To Yellow Violet House, Rekindled Moments, Visual Creations for the wonderful lootbag scrapbook items and raffle prizes. My Little Attic, Scrapbooks Hawaii, Lasting Impression, Memory Box, and Creative ME, thank you for the wonderful raffle prizes you gave. Marisa of Scrapbooks Hawaii, thank you very much for the wonderful card kits and for helping us celebrate World Card Day.

Special thanks go out to Working Moms' Editor in chief, our beautiful friend Dedet Panabi who is always ready to lend us a hand in spreading the word about scrapbooking. I personally appreciate all the help you give us and I am glad we are the catalyst in jumpstarting your memory making goal for Zachary.

What a way to go out of Manila, to see an event full of smiles and bags full of shopping goodies and of course 12 idols who outwitted themselves to reaching the end of the 2 month competition.
As I write this, I feel a sense of pride that I was able to touch a lot of people with my infectious passion for the hobby. I may not join enough contests to win (dont you worry soon I will do that too) but its so nice to win the hearts of many scrappers and their hugs, kisses and nice words to say good bye was just enuff to make my heart burst of happiness. I heard nice words said about me that day, and I know if it weren't for the Scrappin Moms team, my dreams will never happen. I know they are a great team to continue on the traditions we have started and for sure they will even surpass our present achievements to bigger and better things! I would like acknowledge the heart and soul of Scrappin Moms, April Lim who takes care of almost everything you can think for Scrapfest... you are the best !

I know have made a difference and to me thats an excellent achievement in itself. Geographically, I maybe far away, but in spirit and in the egroup -- I will be around.............

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Ria M. Mojica said...

Eto na nga ba hinihintay ko from you...just remember that we are here to execute your dreams! We'll miss you!

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