Thursday, October 11, 2007

Patrick you are the best!

Patrick and I have been communicating thru webcam and yahoo messenger since he left for Australia. There were weeks that he was so so there -- but he did get job almost instantly but its not his choice - he wanted it to make sure there was money coming in. He is that kind of person, he wants to ensure the future of the family. He is in fact a worry wart when it comes to finances. He would always say we are poor and we have no money. He is the financial analyst of this household, I just run the household and take care of the kids.

So he got the job at AMP okay! However he is not happy with this job --- its not his field. A job that came from agency came up and its seems tailor fit for his Industrial Engineering experience in Manufacturing. He was so eager to get that, and I could sense an air of interest and enthusiasm from him, unlike the past weeks. I needed to hear that from him as I worried for him - he hasnt been away from us for more than 1 week !

I am just happy my family is keeping him busy and he himself wills to be happy and not miss us too much.

And so today --he was very ecstatic! The job he didnt look for and the job he wanted so much -- he got it. By the grace of GOD he is really putting all of our plans into place. Now the search is on for the apartment close to his work. Incidentally the present job he has is 15 mins drive from my moms house where Patrick is staying. Now the new job is 8 minutes drive ! How good is that ! And now we have to really find a house in the same area, a school for Jacob too. I think we can revert back to the same routine there. Patrick had his job here just in the Laguna Techno park and he would leave for work just after the school bus picked up the boys. Also he would come home for lunch to see the kids before they go to sleep for afternoon nap. Its real family time once again.....

God has been listening to our requests and prayers, for that I am glad and ever so thankful.

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C70 said...

Joanne! That is wonderful, wonderful news! I am so glad that things are starting to fall into place for you and for your dear family! Godspeed, dearest friend!

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