Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lucky ME

I have no photographs to show for this party but yet I wanted to capture the exact emotion of how I felt at the despidida my wonderful friends threw for me.... here goes.....

It was a special day -- its one of those days that would really forever be etched in my mind and my heart,.. its a venue filled with people who have touched my life and I have touched too. I knew somewhere down the road -- if you take the time to talk to a person, offer anything -- advise, a story, a simple joke or just even a simple email or ym message -- it makes a difference. For that I am glad that all this people in my party -- I have really shared special moments of my life.

My hobby is a way of life and the friends I have met are a part of me. They have affirmed me in ways unimaginable,.. their sweet words, their beautiful layouts and the fact they gave me their time -- I am so humbled and so happy to have across them along my creative journey....

I am a very sentimental person -- I dont forget little gestures, I dont forget to try and give some thing back,.... and I guess all this people found something special in me.... I am finally starting to realise that HECK -- there must be some thing good in me. I have always felt that I was never perfect, never the one that people relied on or one that people sought for anything. Its a great feeling to be loved, to be wanted and to be appreciated. All my life I always felt I was not good enough. It was yesterday that I finallly felt I measured up,.. that meron pala akong halaga.

Everyone knows I always go beyond the call of duty, hangang kaya ko gagawin ko. I stand proud to say that I have done my part to help all my friends and to be honored like that yesterday -- 'nakakahiya man' but it truly warmed my heart. I promised myself I wouldnt cry much -- if I can hold it I will. I guess I was a little successful but there were moments I couldnt comprehend how these people spoke about me. I was so touched. I was really moved to tears.

I equally stand proud because my mom was by accident there to see and hear my honoring. Of course I would forever talk about my group to my mom and I fell tickled pink she lived to see that -- just so she knows how much I love my group and how proud I am of all of you. Its also nice to show her what she helped me achieve since she is my NO.1 supporter of my scrapbooking.

For now my work ceases -- its time to really do my 'mommy duties' -- get used to it and when I get on my feet again -- I will come back with vengance -- and hopefully get back to the scrapping swing of things again,....

To my Scrappin moms partners -- I will always miss having you close to me,.... I am forever grateful you helped me realise my dreams. I will be forever grateful -- you accepted me and just loved me for who I am,.... I thank you for sharing your talents with me -- you guys all inspire me to do better in my craft. Thanks so much for the love and the support,...

To Tin and Mia, my bosom buddies -- ty for the venue yesterday and everything else,.. will see each other soon.

To our suppliers, Nette, Vivian, Helen, Mitch and Marinela -- ty for taking the time to see me off -- am so touched you were there,... Thank you for the support you give Scrappin moms, I hope you all know, we will do our darndest to help the scrapbooking industry.

To the LB Scrapbaholics -- ty for going the distance to see me off again -- you guys are the best ! Keep learning and keep winning contests ok !

To the Pinoy scrapbookers, Nita, Jane, Lee, Donna (hope i dont forget anyone...)-- ty so much for the laughter, for the friendship and for the support in all Scrappin Moms activities.. Soon I will also join the PS challenges too !

My other friends, GIGI, Mela, Arlyn, Candy, Christine , Alby--thanks again for attending, I hope you guys get more into the hobby! I will surely miss the laughter and the chats we have !

Tito Jeff and Tito Meng, for providing the photography and comedy spiels of the day ! hahah

April too for twisting my husbands hand in writing a special note for me -- thats a milestone alright ! Definitely scrappable

those also who sent their layouts -- oh my,you guys really floored ME with sensational layouts -- touched to have it in my album -- salamat talaga.... ay naku lagot ang SYDNEY -- will be super bombarding them how great scrapbook artists my friends are !

thank you all too for making me QUEEN For a day!

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C70 said...

oh Joanne!! it was really great seeing you that day! i know we'll see each other again soon!

in case you would like a photo of your special day, i have one posted in my blog, but the quality is not that great!

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