Saturday, October 27, 2007

We have arrived in Sydney

It was a long no. of hours as my boys and I left from my Laguna house to go to Pilar Village and then to the airport,.. I was just so worried about my baggage allowance and my kids coping in the airport and plane that I didnt realise my top was back to front. For ppl who know me -- I try as best to prepare for major events in my life however this was one of those days I was too preoccupied about everything else. Anyways the baggage was A ok ! and we were even 7 kilos underweight -- darn i left my big shot and supply of Mamy Pokos with all that worry -- ok I can live with that,.. better underweight.... than excess right?

So my 3 rugrats -- 2 in strollers and one walking was really raring to go since the whole waiting at the check in drove them crazy,... Imagine this picture -- they were running and floor polishing the whole airport floor! Some very concerned passengers tried to scare my kids to behave but -- haaay i felt like my kids were like monkeys let loose,...

My mom and mil just let them be as long as they were within eyes' view --- the baggages were finally checkin - our seats taken and darn we got there at 4:30 and finished quarter to 7,.... how swift is that -- NOT!

We got so hungry and settled for some wonton soup -- good thing Jerome let me put him the stroller as we made our way to Gate 2 -- we passed the immigration with no hassle and stopped over duty free for some Shea Body butter from Body Shop,.... My mil was just the best because as my mom bought some for my sister's order.....she asked me if I wanted.. God bless her she bought me 2 and darn had I ask for more-- she would have given me... My kids cooperated to get some dinner and had their food same time as us... so after their food recharge again they went on running fit over the seats -- the ppl stared and laughed -- I just sat down and gave up.... My mom said just put up with it.

So our whole trip was not so bad -- we got on our seats and we got 2 window seats and aisle -- I had the baby Jorel who made mash out of my whole body -- felt like i was being massaged by force! He did sleep the whole trip but each time he really wanted to change position -- he would cry and whimper and so you can just imagine I didnt sleep either..Jerome had been sleeping blissfully all stretched out between me and mom. Jacob who demanded the window seat slept soundly nxt to MIL... He was no bother to my dutiful MIL who wanted to bring us to OZ....

The food was usually bad and they took so long to turn of lights that delayed my kids sleeping... I was tired yes but we got to OZ and we got thru immigration then customs with no hassle.

Patrick has the nicest smile to see the boys -- he kept saying how much they have grown in the longest 6 weeks of his life...I got a nice smack too and thank GOD he missed me too! hhaahaah He better!....

So the past days --- after our arrival here hasnt been bad -- I was just psyching myself up that its all going to be better tomm -- my kids havent been in their routine of eating and sleeping but we are getting by.

I have been sneaking of with my Patrick and MIL to buy our living, dining and bedding furniture and our appliances. We also had to buy boosters for the kids so we can squeeze them in my fathers all BMW -- no real budget to buy a van just yet...

We had our washing machine and ref delivered today. I cleaned for 2 hours today -- kitchen, vacuumed the 2 bedrooms. On Wed our furniture -- tomm. I will be continuing to clean the bath room tommorow,... How domesticated can one get !

We did our massive grocery to buy everything a house needs -- cleaning agents, kitchen needs, cooking needs and food for the kids to eat at home.... haaay it will not end till nxt month all this need to do stuff !

So that recaps what I have been doing here.... the kids are ok -- not bad I guess but I just hope they dont continue to bash my nieces or the Figueroas might ban my children offlimits in the family home


C70 said...

Joanne!!!! I am so glad to see you blogging again! or at least, that you were able to squeeze in some time to give updates about your trip!

It was fun reading about your boys polishing the airport floor!!! hahaha!!! I can just imagine how they looked like! *wink!*

I really am glad you and your family were able to get to Oz without much hassle. It must be so much fun setting up house again, buying stuff, doing the groceries, cleaning up, and getting all settled in!! I'm pretty sure you'll get the hang of it all in no time at all!!

I do wish you and your family all the best!!! Hmmm.... we never were able to get together to scrap at your place in Laguna, but maybe we'd get to scrap over at your place over there, haha!!! Don't forget to post photos of your lovely nest soon!!!

Take care and be well, dearest friend!

Alby said...

Hi Joanne. I'm happy to know you arrived safely and you seem to be settling in already, what with all the cleaning and other domestic chores. Oh and isn't it fun to be buying the furnitures? I'm sure you'll have a great abode in no time. The most important thing is that you are a complete family again. Enjoy your new home! And I pray that you will soon be in the company of great new friends. :) God bless!

Mrs K. said...

welcome back to Oz Joanne and hope to meet up soon... no rush, its not as if you are leaving to manila hahaha... you take care hon and say hello to the kids and patrick... call the house when sanity is about to leave you hahaha ... 9820 6280

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