Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Never had a week like last week

As far as I can recall I don't have have bad weeks -- the type that starts bad on Monday and caps it off on a Sunday,...

Last Monday, Jacob started getting warm and I had already predicted a fever coming on,.. so right I was. I am just thankful he was stilll a little of his active self and still consistent at driving me crazy through out the day. Tuesday night, Jerome slept early and I had felt that same warm feeling on him, later that night he was burning up too... He also was as active as ever Wednesday morning. I sensed the change in Jorel and true enough he was running a fever too. Jacob was okay Wed morning but woke up limping and crawling. My hubby and yayas were worried for Jacob but his kicking and antics -- I knew there was just little bit of ARTE' in that episode. I worried more for the Jorelli boy.

We decided to brave the storm and flooded streets to go to Makati Med all the way from Sta Rosa(the ff day we found our tire super flat and so am thankful it didnt happen Wed in the storm with the kids in my car). By God's grace we made it and wow what a miracle, there was not much ppl in the ER but as usual residents took their sweet time and gusto nila sunod sunod ang kids to check up..... but I insisted that they look at them each the same time. You could tell I was losing it because my patience wasn't up to par and if you tell me to have tolerance that day -- I would probably be so unladylike to cuss in desperation (and I did you know, I was really losing it). They even were silly to ask me who is going first -- hello, medical school should tell you take the one that needs immediate attention has to be first right...... and it was the baby that had high fever --- they had the hide to ask me pa!Sorry I like to whinge but I am no doctor but I thought that was common sense,.. haaay no sense of urgency ito nga ako PANIC MODE NA !

They gave a Dolan dose to my baby to lower the fever (dosed off after) and I was glad he was a little more calm now since he vomited in the car and was crying just before we got to Makati Med. Jacob was brought to Xray and the boy cooperated in having an impression of his feet, 2 times pa ha and so I was just glad he was a good boy for once! Jerome well -- the trooper wasnt even down during the time we were at the HOSPITAL,... He was even charming the doctors, hugging them and showing off,... So you can tell by now the MOMMY is smiling already and has sighed with relief !

So goes 12k on our local tickets to Roxas City, we had to cancel our pre planned vacation to spend time with my inlaws because I just couldnt gamble flying the little one with high fever. I was afraid he would have a convulsion so I just conceded. Jorel was better Thursday night and I slept much better with the 3 boys Friday.

With the cancelled trip Patrick and I did our errands, get our tv repaired, pick up stuff, go to Bazaar and stock up on winter clothes for the 5 of us. On Sunday we picked up our bbox supply from Las Pinas and as Patrick did a 3 point turn, we scraped the back side of our car. OH what a way to start our day,..

WE decided stop by at the bazaar again to get my tracksuits. Patrick dropped me and Jacob off at the entrance and he tried to find space. So he checks in at 10:38.. I picked up my purchases within 10 minutes and Patrick asks that we leave. I told him to get his track suits as well and so he agreed to stroll around more. After all that we came back to my car at 11:20. The DVD PLAYER for our car and its monitor was gone, our 14 inch tv we had repaired gone. Even the deposit of our Yayas of P1200 gone (we are helping them buy nokia fones).

We were in utter shock. We were in the same spot the the day before with the DVD there - with another TV in the boot and nothing happened. We were in even gone longer on Sat than on Sunday. I am ok with my TV gone kasi that was bought 10 years ago and it has served it purpose, however the DVD set was a gift from my parents from OZ . My father gave it to the boys, so they won't be bored during traffic in Manila in our car.

I left there with a heavy heart, what on earth was security for when you don't get it when you need it most ! Police report -- blotter -- what is its purpose ? -- its no way to lead to culprits. Worse they force open my car lock so that needs to be changed now. We felt violated, we have never done any wrong to others -- why does it have to happen to us?

I sat down to think and reassure my husband who is clearly more affected than myself. I had to reassure him that we were saved from those ppl. Had we gone back to the car after 10 minutes we would have stumbled into them. It would have been a dangerous situation for my hubby and my son. (I remember years ago when my friends and I were in a brawl and I was fighting too or trying to push -- I never thought of my safety then.) And had situation like that erupted I would fight back to shield my son. It was good that hubby decided to extend our time in the bazaar because it would really present a really bad situation. Those little decisions ensured our safety.

It was a dark week for us -- lack of sleep, loss of belongings but with GODS divine grace, he covered us with his mantle of protection and shielded us from any harm..... am still thankful.. am still glad we are ok.

We have lessons now to take with us and now i can go back to preparing our things for our upcoming migration to OZ.

In hindsight, I think lucky pa rin kami -- even this trip -- is now fully supported by my inlaws -- I still am in disbelief as to how they really give us their all to ensure we make it in OZ. I am even now focusing on how the kids will cope with the change. Patrick and I now don't even worry about finances in OZ because somehow the gov't will give allowances for my children and myself. The inlaws even gave us a generous BAON to take to OZ so for now we just concentrate on how to cope with just the 5 of us with no help in oz.

Thank you lord for always being there for us.


Liza said...

oh my! jo i didn't know that your stuff were stolen from the car. it was a bad week talaga. but at least you guys are safe and no harm came to you and your family. i'm sure the boys are now recuperating. just hang tight. it's just one of those things siguro. basta important is you guys are all good and safe. hugs sis!

Donnabelle Bolo - Espiritu said...

oh no, that was really a bad week indeed! :( jst think that the things lost were material stuff that can be replaced, had it been you and your family facing the culprits much damage and tragedy could have taken place. God is really good and He was watching over you! GREATER and BETTER days will come your way, I am sure :)

C70 said...

{{{{{HUGS}}}}} to you, Joanne! What an ordeal that week was! Glad to know that your boys seem to now be A-OK. Sorry to hear about the accident and the losses :( Am sure God has better plans for you and for your family. God bless!

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