Tuesday, July 31, 2007

tick tock tick tock

Time is of the essence,... its been swiftly passing me by oh so quickly and i have so much to do and so little time to do it,...

these are the questions that are lingering in my head right now..

Can I leave my friends to go off to 24/7 domesticity in OZ LAND?

Can I park my wings to fly for a year again to get used to being SUPER mom ?

Can I shelve my daily routine, scrap, surf and play with kids -- the first two will disappear surely !

Can reset my scrap room again in OZ? Will Patrick buy a PC immediately to maintain my sanity?

Will my kids be good and answer to moms requests all the time?

Will I do voice modulation daily to cope with my hyper active rugrats ?

All this and more.... how do i deal with it -- I say a little prayer to our lord to ask for strength, for patience and a new set of friends to help me cope with the sudden changes to happen in my life in OZ......

I havent been posting because my mind is just into the moving biz -- so I don't really wanna bore you readers out there...much like what I am doing now to you guys hahhahahhahah !


C70 said...

Hi, Jo! I am sure you'll do just fine! (I will really miss you when you are already oceans away) Godspeed, girlfriend!

Scrappin Moms said...

ty dear christine,
we need to sched that eb ha
joanne yap

Maricar said...

Hi Joanne, you'll be just fine. I know you can do it. Merong adjustment period siyempre, but you'll be OK. :) Just holler if you need someone to talk to about the chores-rugrats-hubby-self (not necessarily in that order) merry-go-round. Pero, you've got one over me, since I only have 2 boys, so baka sa iyo ako manghingi ng pointers. ;)

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