Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Its been a roller coaster alright !

I am not a moody person but the past weeks I have been in that predicament,... I worry for my hubby being away from us -- how he will cope without me, to sort his things to help him start off in Sydney,... and still, I worry for me too... In our 7 years of marriage I have been only apart from him 2 weeks at the most and that's was when I had to go Sydney for mom's 60th,... But with Patrick leaving and here I am left with the kids -- it bugs the hell out of me that he will be going ahead.... worse he won't even be here for my birthday ! In the 10 years I have known him its only but once he missed my bday -- this will be the 2nd time,..... I am still praying hard that we can settle fast in Sydney, so all that comes in -- him finding a job, finding a flat/townhouse, sorting our finances, buy a van,...

Worse we are packing atleast 14 boxes of stuff and imagine I have to unpack them too over there and find a place for them in the house we choose,.. am so overwhelmed just thinking about it,.... then I have to do house work, care for the children, cook and all -- haaay naku i need to fix the breaks on all this apprehensions ! breathe in, breathe out,...

Anyway this my daily vent -- forgive me for who ever reads it if am ranting repetitively -- I need to let this out.....

Anyway, just to balance things -- Patrick and I are talking more about what we want to happen, splitting of chores and to have the understanding that we can't have everything PERFECT -- so he just needs to bare with me and to help me anyway he can... I am glad that's brought out something good.. He isnt even too preoccupied with finances because am reading up on Family Tax Benefit to assist us in raising the kids in OZ,.. whew !

I havent posted my kids pictures in a while so here are the 3 princes of my life ! (gorgeous boys I might add !)time flies they have grown so fast

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