Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Scrappin Moms Idol Contest

This upcoming challenge was thought about at length. Based on the feedback from last Scrapfest, as much as we wanted to teach and give people an action packed day, it really stressed people out. And since Scrapfest is well known for a fun day, we wanted to maintain that spirit in this event. Learning is very important to me and I am hoping the learnings from events will ensure we keep that focus on future Scrapfest events. Feedback is very important and we take seriously the plans we make, around those vital comments. It is my hope that the next event, its location, its projects and challenges will surely make the scrapbooker say, 'I attended a great event and enjoyed the whole day'.

The Scrappin Moms IDOL is to display the creativity and artistry of theFILIPINO scrapbooker. It is to show our innovativeness in creating our layouts, our FILIPINO 'flava' in putting together our art (distinct from others). It will also show our resourcefulness in coming up with ideas that is uniquely FILIPINO.

The FILIPINO scrapbooker is ready for such a challenge, because little by little those who never dreamed of joining, or even the mere thought of showing their layouts are slowly coming out. Whats more, I see people asking for objective comments on their layouts. The scrapbookers are now braver, more challenged to try and improve. In any challenge, there is always the desire to win, the desire to be selected, but with the boldness to join, comes the strength to say "OK, I didnt win however, I look at the compliments I received and bottomline, this is my legacy. For whatever reason I finished this layout, at the end of the day, I took a page in my own history for my family to see one day. I won't forget too that I enjoyed the process creating a page in my history books... "

SO how can I say that ? I recently joined some challenges, 'not so successful yet', but that didn't damper my spirits. I know I didn't need anyone's comments to keep me going, but it's a great pat on the back that total strangers appreciated my layout. I don't need to be the best or the winner to feel like a winner. I feel that if those people took the time to look at my layout and made an extra mile to message me -- then I am a winner. So I dare say, even if challenges/contests aren't my thing, if one or 2 contests interests me to join and then I will. If I win that's an added bonus. If I don't hey thats A-ok.

Here is the annnoucement to our contest:
Announcement: Scrappin Moms IDOL 2007
The Scrappin moms group has grown in leaps and bounds. We have witnessed our dreams fulfilled. We are overjoyed for the success and recognition of our home grown talents gracing the US sites.

I recently joined the challenge bandwagon and all the challenges I had to go through (booted out for votes anyway), I realized our scrapbooking industry needs a great challenge for our talented scrappers to sink their teeth into. I know you guys love Scrapfest and what a way to really make Scrapfest more inviting is to have a series challenge contest.

I know you talented scrapbookers are ripe and ready, with some of you winning challenges, braving to join them or even considering to show them your artwork. To me that's a great big step for our young group……. I feel you guys are ready. so here goes….

We are working on a Scrappin Moms Idol series contest. What's in store is an 8-week challenge for all you scrapbookers out of there! Each week will feature a new, different and exciting challenge. At the end of the 8-week challenge, finalists will emerge for a final showdown at the Scrapfest on Oct 6, 2007. A chance to be a guest DT awaits the Scrappin' Moms Idol winner. What's more you can have a chance to take home gift certificates, scrapbooking goodies as the winner of the this mega contest.

Watch out for the final announcement on August 1 at the Scrappin Moms site and the August issue of Scrapbytes!.

So I think to try is to test your own capabilities, to attempt is your own personal challenge, and to win is icing on the cake.

SO are you game to try the challenge ?!!!!!!!

This competition will be judged by the Scrappin moms team and Ms Iris Uy.

Joanne Yap

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