Monday, July 9, 2007

Its been a busy past weeks for me

I have been dreading packing and unloading stashed stuff in cabinets and awfully glad I have my trusty yaya belle to push my lasy B**T to move and sort things out.. this week are my clothes - the shoes and bag done, the toys of the kids and the junk we accumulated like --- paper bags from trips, magazines, old college stuff and some other knick knacks I picked up over the years..
Other than that, we have been doing meetings for WM, doing projects and doing scrapping for my clients and not to mention an online challenge at Scrapbook playground I blindly joined in (ay naku never again),... this is too much for a girl like me!

the next few weeks will be the same with my sister Jovy and her family coming also with my mom! Haaay where has the time gone hey ?
Here are some of my layouts to show for:

************NOTE: The 3rd layout went for a review of title position -- my friends suggested to reposition the title to give life to my photograph -- hahah i found my Aussie glue is repositionable bec of that suggestion.... It looked better too ! ty April and Liza, you guys are teh best !

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