Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sexy Mommy AU tagged me

Au tagged me and here are my 7 random facts:
1) I dont eat vegies a whole lot but I love Okra, brocolli and mushrooms -- the kind of vegies not every one likes.

2) I scrapped the left side of my face so near to my eyes because at 12 years old I was going through my 'tomboy' stage and wanted to be a BMX stunt rider. I made a 'rampa' and landed just underneath our fierra and I came home covering my face. To my mom's dismay, I even put a hole on a new fave top I had just gotten for the holidays from Cinderella.

3) When I left Australia in 1997 I had over 50 pairs of shoes about 30+ hand bags and 2 closets full of work clothes and kikay outfits . I only managed to bring some and kept some of my work suits -- pity the blazers are the only things that fit me but the skirts --- it wont even go up pass my knees hmph!

4) I love make-up -- in my early 20's I would try everything knew Lancome YSL, Clinique, Clarins, Christian Dior, Shisheido, Revlon, Max Factor. I even bought the same color lipstick from Lancome in the color of Brun Sepia each time.....However when I had quit my job to live in the Philippines, I had to down grade to Body Shop and L'oreal... now I am getting my groove back and like Bare Escentuals, Face Shop.... a little bit in my present budget hhahahaha! Because all my $ goes to my scrapbooking !

5) I met my husband in the Philippines and I had met him nearly the same time as another guy who I had the biggest crush on. This guy didnt bother to notice me during our conference. When I came back, Patrick picked me up in the airport. And everytime the other guy asked me for a date I would say I would say I was busy because I was always reserving special days for Patrick!!!! Bad no ?

6) When I was young I wanted to get into Fashion Design or become a make up artist. I guess its never too late for that huh? However, I would rather go for the latter, since I can make good money for that in OZ.

7) Not everyone knows I can't handle money! I can spend it but cannot save it. Give me cash now and I can burn it easily. Give me a credit card and I can shop till I drop with it... I ran up cc bills at a young age because I love shopping .... I even had to refinance or transfer my cc bills in one personal loan one time because I had stretched my balance to the max.. did that stop me using my cards ... NO! The only time I had been successful in saving money was before our wedding in 2000 and I had travelled back and forth to OZ to visit my family. I would make paper tole art in 3d and sell them 3times the price. I had money for my shopping and money set aside to contribute to our wedding fund I was able to raise 100k for our clothing budget, gowns for the girls and barongs for the boys! After that ASA ka pa.. that's is Patricks job to save for our family bwhahahahahha!

Oh ayan,thats my revelations bwhahahhahah !

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