Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Its a great day!

The Scrappinmoms dreamt of what we can do for the scrapbooking industry here -- we said a number of things:

1)Make scrapbooking more mainstream by providing venues for learnings in an event, in a magazine or just by being active in an egroup.

2) Be published in a local magazine promoting scrapbooking principles and related projects.
3)Encourage interested parties to try their hand in scrapbooking and help others once they have gotten the hang of it.

To date I think all those things we talked about over coffee are a reality, we have scrapfest, scrapbytes, scrap group, scrap articles etc.... all this in the 2 years we have been doing our utmost to promote our much loved hobby.

I keep thinking of my departure to OZ and I even if I leave with a heavy heart -- it is with great joy to know that I made a difference in little ways. My Scrappin moms group has really rallied to bring scrapbooking into the mainstream and I know they will keep at it till it becomes the hottest hobby in town! I am grateful too for my scrap group because it is in our quest for dreams fulfilled that they rally too to help us achieve those dreams. Scrappin moms was built on friendship and I am thankful to the likes of Ria, Liza, Iris, Pia (and many more of them) who are patient in listening to us. They really are detailed in tackling what we want, giving us ideas we never thought of -- becoming our sound board on our proposed activities for Scrapfest. That in itself is a great help and it's what makes Scrapfest successful even if it hasnt happened yet. I want to recognize their generosity for sharing their talents, their valued opinions and their fresh ideas. SO we are what we are today because of these people. Thank you girls!

I smile from ear to ear to day because the May Issue of Working mom is out and so is my Masigasig article, a booklet sold with Entrepeneur..... Scrapbooking projects on this magazine maybe simple for the regular scrapper but its a step in the right direction to make our hobby known. I know when I leave in September, April will carry on the work (fingers crossed it goes beyond 2007) and do it with flying colors. I know people will take more notice now and try it because its just the best hobby ever!

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