Friday, May 11, 2007

Afternoon tete-a-tete with the LB scrapholics!

Twas a fun afternoon with the LB girls Helga, Dra Rita, Cora, Liezel and Issa at my house here in Sta Rosa. They were so generous to bring me kababawan fave of Pansit Malabon, Chocolate cake and Lumpia Sariwa.... I just had the grandest time -- I have never really met a group people that I clicked with so fast its like I have known them forever! I think the common deniminator is we are all moms crazy over scrapbooking....So what did they do at my house,.. my hand was kindly pushed to really sell some of my overflowing paper stash -- and they hoarded,.. They kept shouting they wont have anymore allowance for the scrapfest but I beg to differ,.... I am amazed as to how they get one thing and split it without arguing who gets the best stuff,.. imagine that ! IF it was all of us -- Ria, Liza, Arlene, April and the rest of the gang -- galit galit muna kami kasi sift thru the scrap stuff first then start talking when we have gotten what we like bwhahhahaha! They are so different, they talk and discuss and best of all advise if one has one already.... what a formidable group."

I am forever thankful to them kasi solid SE members sila supporting our passion and our events. They are the easiest ppl to please and I love them for their kind hearts and great friendship... I will promise to go there soon -- and pls promise to bring me to LILIW my yayas are raring for me to buy them shoes there. DO they make custom made boots there ? I hope s! Super thanks sa panahon nyo at pag patronize sa mga scrapstuff ko -- wahhhh ang dami pa kaya !

I thank you guys for also forcing my hand to clean my scrap room and it is now in the best tip top shape ever and for how long GOD only know hey!

I am just so overwhelmed how in heavens name I can pack my box to fit all my scrap supplies. HELP!
I had the biggest question popped yesterday morning when hubby asked IF I am selling all my stuff or taking them all to OZ -- I had to take 2 breaths first to answer the hardest question I faced in years, next to my kids my scrapbooking stuff are special to me -- stupid as my sound its something helps define who I am right now and its something I know I am good at.... Oh wow a clean table grabe!


Lee i. said...

joanne, kami kailan mo invite sa bahay mo? we will plan an invasion, whether you like it or not. mwahahahaha.

jothescrapaddict said...

you can come anytime love -- tagal ko na kayo antay no at sana soon before Sept when I havent shipped my scrap stuff yet dali plano no !

Lee i. said...

aha! an open invitation. will tell au and nita agad. baka bawiin. hahaha. honestly, i'd like to see all your work first hand. i'm sure they're more impressive in real life.

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