Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Fancy Pants layout

I hardly ever do a layout with any restrictions. In this case I was limited to use 2 pcs of pattern paper for a challenge. I added another paper in replacement of cardstock to give the layout a little kick because the colors are just so muted. My pictures were summer pictures of Daddy and the boys but it was early morning and so the sun was not glaring away. The boys were just too darn busy to look at the camera and so hubby was the only one looking. I recall how happy Patrick was to finally take the boys to the baybay (beach) in his hometown Roxas.I think his smile said it all - he was reminiscing his own childhood playing on the sand and trying to catch little crablets.

Its not a really good layout but I liked idea of forcing your hand to make things work... I think it taught me to try to be less fussed of making a fantastic layout, make do with what you have. Besides I love the smile on my hubby's face here, I am also happy about how i did my title... great to use brilliance with ink. The metals were from our great finds during our divisoria trip. In all the hoopla -- I knew deadline was today at 6pm but the bz bee forgot to upload so I never go to join anyways.. Its ok at least I finished one layout!

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