Saturday, May 26, 2007

Working Mom challenge for all scrapbookers

I am so happy about this challenge, pity I cant join.. but I am excited for the scrap community for this -- I cant wait to find out who wins !

Working mom’s layout contest

Description: What is your favorite everyday activity with your child?

* Remember the photos should not be of big vacations, just something "ordinary" that both you and your child look forward to doing every day. This moment should be those we term as ‘Mommy time’.

This challenge is open to ALL scrapbookers no exception .
If you would like to join and are not a mommy (just yet), you can scrap about a mom and her child.

1. It can be a one page layout in 8x10 0r 12x12 or a spread (2 page spread is one entry)
NOTE: One entry per person only.
2. Please submit with the layout a short profile
a) your name
b) name of child and age
c) In 1-2 sentences, explain why you feel scrapbooking helps you as mother

3. For those who are scrapbooking another person’s photographs, submit your layout with a short profile.
a) your name
b) then name(s)of the person you are scrapbooking about
c) in one or 2 sentences, explain how scrapbooking has helped you as a woman .

Instructions for posting your entries:
a) please email photo jpeg of layout to
with "WORKING MOM SCRAP PAGE CONTEST" in the subject line.
Rename the jpeg files of your layouts using an alias’/nickname/code name
e.g. Joanne Yap’s codename is jothescrapaddict

b) post your layouts on or before the deadline of June 15, 2007

PRIZE: TOTAL MAKEOVER courtesy of Working Mom magazine
1 salon makeover (hair cut and hair color)
a set of makeup
a set of clothes and consultation with professional stylist on the best clothes for your body type

Important information * please be aware that winner must be willing to appear in the magazine.

Criteria for judging:
20 % for techniques
20 % compliance to requirements (theme of Quality time)
20 % photo quality
20 % journaling
20 % overall impact

Extra Tips:

1. please include PERSONAL journaling, not just a quote. it doesn't have to be perfect writing, as long as it's YOURS.

2. you can write about any everyday moment, any way you want to, but if you're TOTALLY STUCK, try these triggers:

do you have a special routine that nobody else knows or can do the way you do? (for example, i always put my little boy to bed, but only i know how to stroke his hair a particular way na he'll actually get sleepy.)

what side of you only comes out when you're with your kid? then pay attention when this side usually emerges -- what routines, what rituals? how does that moment "transform" you? why?

you don't have to use a recent picture. you can scrapbook your kid's baby photos (even if your "baby" is already in high school!). it can be a nostalgia piece: "my favorite moment with you when you were a baby was..."

if you wanted your child to remember one thing -- and one thing alone -- from this week, what would it be?

The competition will be judged strictly by the Working mom editorial team.
And winner will be announced shortly after the JUNE 15 deadline.

1 comment:

CAKVD said...

Hello! I entered this contest, thanks to you!! Has the winner been announced yet? Where will the winner be announced? Thanks!

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