Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Scrapbooks exchange

When we began, I was preggy with Jerome and I had Jacob who was bearly 1 year old then... I was shopping blindly and didnt know what was good to buy,... It was Ann Imperial who was back then our shopping diva/adviser for products.... Now its someone else -- sino kaya -- bato bato sa langit -- matamaan man wag magagalit!

I was lucky to host few of the EB back in Rockwell when I stayed with my brother and boy the Rizal units were big ! HUGE.. and my house in Pilar Village too!

Its nice to reminisce how far our scrap group has come... how friendships blossomed, how talents have bloomed on their own. Now its a duly noted day off of moms to be with scrapping friends, to chika, to learn, to hang and to eat too.. I am so optimistic we will get bigger one day and that Scrapfests wont be just 100 ppl but say 500 to 1000 ppl,.. Lord if you hear me, thats my fervent wish GOD!

If only I can wave my magic wand and hypnotize ppl to start scrapbooking and show them the great benefits 10 to 20 years later, dont you think ppl will take notice....

Or if I can convince the suppliers of the US to take notice of the talents here because there so many innovative and eye popping layouts that turn up during challenges.. At times you think -- how in heavens name did she think of that !

So i began writing this post with nearly 2 kids right -- Jacob and Jerome -- hahah in this last pic hosted by My little Attic -- i was preggy with Jorel !

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