Monday, March 19, 2007

Haribon event by MSW

I had to attend the MSW Haribon Event and do their scrap challenge,.. boy, it wasn't easy -- nakaka pressure then you have to sit with colors experts Ria and Pia who are better than me with mixing colors, haaay and so I was even more tense to come up with a good combination. (nakakatakot katabi si Pia -- she is a different person pag pressured wahhhhhhhh!)

I even did a Miriam Quiambao trip and fell on my chunky easy traveller suitcase (I didnt know what to bring) because earlier when I passed by the exhibit the only thing that called at me was a photo grasshopper on a flower,.. Carrie's husband Din who took the photo was around too so all the more presured to justice on his beatiful shot !

And when they announced my name to draw my pic and get my shadow box and I had opened the envelope just before my desk and suitcase -- I freaked out!!! The grasshopper's eyes were staring at me ! hahahha oh di ba comedy pa ako ! Of course, everyone saw that...... good thing Mr Jeff Lopez didn't see me and snap a pic or else its super embarrasing !

It was a challenging activity alright and I am happy to have joined,.. thank you Iris for vacating her spot and letting me fill her place,..


Au Lim said...

wow joanne, ganda! pag pala pressured ka, lalo ka pang gumagaling... and to be able to do this intricate cutting when there's so little time...inang! super talented ka talaga! kudos!

cabbiejanescrapper said...

hi joanne! wowo grabe i fell in love with this insect of yours ha! galing!!! i love the colors and how you matched your papers with it!!! i add you sa blog ko ha. blog hop naman dun. hehehe. creative and a gifted scrapbooker ka talaga e ano ba totoo naman yan dati pa. hehhee. take care!!!


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