Saturday, March 17, 2007

I met a new friend....

I am so lucky to have met a new friend who has the same passions, children and scrapbooking. I am sure she can some how help our scrapbooking industry gain ground in the metropolis,... at first meeting I was a little nervous, after all I had wanted to work with them in our Scrapfest event and secondly I wanted so much to have paper craft or scrapbooking on magazine spreads locally. You can say that it was my way of helping also those untapped scrapbookers who dont know where to begin and create more awareness that we can create beautiful scrapbooks and altered art pieces even with a budget (since there is a minsconception that it is an expensive hobby).

Everyone meet my new friend. Mrs Dedet Reyes Panabi of Working MOM (an ABS CBN Publishing mag). I submitted some work for her yesterday and I was again nervous and when her face lit up with simple thing I did, whoa! I felt my heart leap. Little things make me happy you know! What's more I was asked to do a project and I could have done cartwheels right there and then ! This is a happy day.... and we are shooting it on WEDNESDAY!

I am also happy to get reply emails from so many groups I have sent information to about the Scrapfest. And whether accepted or rejected they took time to read my email. I guess I just have to keep at it and keep letting them know about us here in the PHILS. Lord give us the strength to organize our event and help us source generous hearts that will provide success and enjoyement in our event!

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Dedet said...

Dear Jo,

It was wonderful meeting you! And I'm very excited about our monthly scrapbooking articles in Working Mom magazine. It's a hobby that I think all moms should get into -- it helps us slow down and treasure those precious but oh-so-short moments with our kids.

You can count on Working Mom's support of your scrapbooking crusade!

big hugs,

p.s. I dusted off my old scrapbooks and tried to finish a new page. Siyempre I'm nowhere near as good as you, but I got to do HALF a layout -- does that count? Hahahaha.

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