Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My moms precious mini book

I am not so fond of mini books because I feel it cramps my creativity with the limited space I have. However my trip in OZ needed a prop and I love my mom, I would do anything for her so I collated messages from our family. The question was who loves you Lourdes and each member had their pages/section they share to tell her how loved she is. and here is the results of that

Just in case you want to give it a go....... I posted this in our Scrapbytes ezine for our website, www.scrappinmoms.net. This site is to help people learn to scrapbook without leaving their own homes.
Create a Mini Book Gift

Yuletide season is fast approaching, and a phone call from my father for my mother's 60th surprise bash in Sydney was in the planning stage. Yes, I will have to fly out Down Under for it and so I’m rushing a special gift, a mini album, which will contain messages from the Figueroa family of who loves Lourdes, my mom. There is one husband of course, 4 children, and 9 grandchildren. (Credit goes to Maybelle Ngo who gave me the direction of this mini book)

Thanks to Babette Geronimo for inspiring me to make my mini books. For this project, K & Co Neopolitan line will dominate the album. It’s a perfect birthday and Christmas gift for my mother, she will be reduced to tears reading this I’m sure! I will just call this the Neo 8x8 album. Give it a go girls, a great Xmas gift for your loved ones!

Materials needed:

2 pcs 8.5 x.8.5 illustration board, for your minibook cover & base
2 pcs 9.5 x 9.5 patterned paper (paper pps ideal for folding ease), to adhere to your cover & base
1 pc 8 x 10 solid cardstock (for spine to coordinate with patterned paper used, excess is for book holder to disguise spine). For the spine, use 4.5 x 8 of the cardstock
4 pcs 8 x 8 patterned papers
2 pcs 8 x 8 coordinating cardstock
double sided tape
UHU glue or BIC glue
Cutting tools: Scissor, 12x12 trimmer, mat

1) For cover and base

  • trim pattern paper cover on the corners. Note: only cut sparingly on corners to ensure 100% coverage of illustration board
  • if folded sides wrinkle upon folding/adhering, you can cut patterned paper slightly for folding ease
  • if using glue to adhere all sides, use glue sparingly/small double sided adhesive strips because a cardstock/paper will eventually hold this down.

    2) For Spine
  • using a coordinating cardstock, score lines using piercer or needle with lines that are ½ an inch in interval
  • this minibook needed 4 pages so you would need to score another 6 lines and the 10th line is where you cut the cardstock (leftover cardstock, set aside to be used for book holder).
  • fold down those scored lines, folding the first scored line towards you.
    adhere double sided tape every second ½ inch gap

    3) Page attachment to spine
  • Peel double-sided tape on spine & align first page on first gap. Continue till you finish all the pages.
  • Note if pages don’t align perfectly, don’t fret, those uneven lines are not what matters!

See picture below three to show adhered pages on the spine. Now you are ready to atach the spine & pages next!

4) Spine with pages assembly unto cover and base

  • Lay down flat the cover on the left & base on right, adhere 2 double-sided trips in the middle of cover and base.
  • Begin with your cover, attach the front part of your spine & pages unto adhesive strip, repeat the step with base. Align evenly on all sides.
  • Cover with 2 pcs 8x8 cardstock the exposed backs of illustration boards on cover and base.
    Use leftover cardstock (4.5 x 8.5) as book holder and adhere on left side of front cover and base cover to hide the spine. Again, double sided tape was used to attach cardstock/pp onto cover and base.

    You may use UHU glue here to seal off edges and give your mini book the book bound look.

    Alternatively, if you are stickler for neatness, a double-sided tape is ideal to use. Since our cover is measured at 8.5 x 8.5, you can also crop a bigger cover to hide the folding of the patterned paper on the cover and base, but again this is only for people who want the more professional looking mini books!

    This finished mini album has patterned paper as book holder, instead of cardstock as per material’s list. It’s the scrapper’s choice. You can add ribbon or ricrac on cover or prima flowers to give it a softer feminine look.

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