Sunday, January 28, 2007

preparing for Jacob's 4th & Jerome's 3rd bdays at Jolibee

We went to Sweet home bake shop to order the boys cakes today,... 12x16 of justice league figures --- choc cake.. and then we ordered 2 4 inch satelites to house their names and the number candle of the kids ages,.. so i envision the cake blowing to be together of course and snap they blow on queue and i get my scrapbooking pic moment,.. h ahahah over yeah I know,.. but one day they will want me to recant al the parties we had right so -- they will thank me then and pat me on the back and say mom, you're so OA but we love that you took so much time out to plan these things for us (mothers wishful thinking ok!)....

Its strange the week before when we saw the Jolibee place they asked if the kids are twins since we were having 2 boys celebrate on the same party (tipid no!) but I said 'no they are 11 months apart"... then when we attended kitkats christening and we stopped over after at SPIN and BIG and Small for the kids prepared bday outfits and woman was grinning the sales ladies and at me,.. I wasnt sure if she was annoyed bec of the loud sounds my children were making but later when I was casually saying --- sorry for the racket -- she said 'I have 2 as well' and.. then I asked 'do you lose your cool too',.. she eagerly said 'YES'.. I realised "wow, I was darn normal"... I did tell her "there is another boy, I have 3 aged under 3". Her eyes popped and she said "oh I thought 2 was a handful but 3.. how do you do it?"... I just said to her "with a lot of help!"

Jerome has those 'i love the floor' episodes and I'm praying this year he gets over that faze.... Patrick says, I hope he gets over that kasi patay tayo sa OZ,... I did remind that he neednt worry because it will me that would have to care for them and put up with bad tantrums,... but on serious note.. Lord pls let Jerome get over this 'i chuck fit stage'.....

here's reminiscin of the kids pics when they were babies..

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