Monday, February 19, 2007

My scraproom evolution and tidbits

Scrapbooking has become a passion and becomes a third in the order of important things in my life.. GOD, family, then scrapbooking...

And among my passions, one that takes topnotch is collecting my scrapbooking materials... Checkout my accumulated scrapstash since 2002 and the changes my scraproom has gone thru... (and to think I started with a corner ok). Its a pain to let go of materials I have passionately searched for and bought with hard saved money... I dont even buy clothes now you know... my mom would always say, you are wearing the same clothes, this money has to be spent on clothes,.. I say yes with a smile but I would turn around spend big during EBs to add more stuff in my already growing scrapbook stash.

Its tidbits like this that would make you laugh.. here's some things you would like to know about me and my scrapbooking...

* I have some envelopes of cut diecuts I have bought years ago when I started, classified to shapes and letters. To date its still there in perfect order.
* My children enter my scraproom and my voice already say on auto pilot "look but dont touch ok" and the boys says "dont touch its mommy's".
* My kids only get to touch a few things, my diecutters (I have 3 to date), my creative memories templates and some of my albums. I have trained them to look and turn pages and they have to do it on the floor so its no event of creasing or damaging my pages.
* The maids clean my whole house except my scraproom, Yaya belle only sweeps and throws my trash.
* I dont have a trash can, but a box from, carton type. Ask me why, I dont know.
* I stole my 20k breakfast table to be my work table, my husband comments but I am Queen bee, he lets me pretend that i am and I get my way!
* I am a clutter freak, I start projects simultenously and when i lose direction or inspiration, i move on others and so some layouts take out longer to be completed! So at this moment my table is a mess! You could see my stuff previously now my racks have hooks and conceals my stuff, its not as organzied as before but it has great function for me, I suddenly see everything I need instead of stashing them into folders.

Dont you think this resembles a Hurricane just past my table.. I cant even see the darn table anymore!

* Everytime my mom travels, I make her visit scrap stores to buy me anything. Now she is going to Korea, is there scrapbooking in KOREA? I better google it.
* To my non versed scrapping friends, they comment when i break scrapbooking into conversation, they would tell me "so you are still into it, grabe its such an expensive hobby".
* I am a stay at home mom, and my husband supports my hobby but my siblings/family finances it hahhahah!
* On my last trip to Singapore, I visited practially every store there -- but I didnt buy much cause its so expensive. I visited Oz last December and I bought heaps there!
* Believe it or not, not all my layouts I believe is good.... I am the worse critic of my own work... but I do take comfort that one day, the best affirmation would be when my kids tell me how much they love their albums.. For now am tickled pink to hear them recount memories as they glance through their pictures,.. what more when they verbalize their happiness of having a very well documented life,.. lucky boys!
* I havent found my scrapbooking style but I am always falling in the massacred layouts look or the 3d/paper tole type layouts.. some one teach me how to deviate pls.
* I hate using paints or anything that needs real embossing, not because I dont find it nice, but I hate taking so many things out, cleaning up and packing up.. LAZZZZZZYY!

yeah just call me crazzzzzzy scrapper why dont you !

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