Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A simple life

I found this -- i forgot that i started bloggin in 2004 wow time flew have 3 kids now !

My first try at blogging
This my first post and still a loss of how blogging could help me,... Getting too tied up w/ running my household & rearing two beautiful boys --- who has time to do anything,.. I have a good family life dont get me wrong but truthfully there are moments I wish I could just rewind when it was just me me me,.. Selfish as it may sound -- 15 min showers are a luxury,.. shaving my legs has to be even scheduled,.. my body butter half filled to date (when I used to go thru them by the 4rth week),.. I dont even get to go to the salon anymore --- footspas, hair treatments and nail care are a thing of the past,...So wat happened -- I became a wife first then after 3 years I became a mom,... strange what I am writing here but I guess this is the only time I can look back without verbalizing it to anyone,... I think its just nice to write it down and ponder.. Hey you know, I could flick the girl mags back then pin point what perfume I had in my dresser,...Now I dont even recognize new ones that came out of the market,..Before my make up was Clarins, Lancome and YSL now ---- its L'oreal, Revlon and if I am lucky to travel I get one or two Mac items,..oh well I will just continue my reminiscing of my single days -- its 10:30 need to recharge before my boys wake up..No frills mom,...

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