Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A simple life

sydney side for 1 week
Moms surprise was excellently executed and it brought the family together,.. with our own families already, to bring the 4 Figueroa siblings together is next to impossible -- but hopefully by next year its easier with only josef and his fam in sing, turned to me 3x to be sure her eyesight didnt fail her --- she knew it was impossible for me to be here in OZ

-- it breaks my heart for my kids to be away and for my hubby to be just near me like that --i miss them terribly,.. i had to be here to give my mom the kind of happiness money cant buy,.. she sobbed as she saw me -- she already was in awe and shock ed to have the party and to see in the corner of her eye her big pic on the screen when she walked in the hall doors.... but her sobs when she hugged me was priceless,... i wished my kids were there but their messages my mom appreciated still and mega thankful for my mother inlaw mommy letty for taking them in Roxas City,... mom was so good to me and this is only now that I felt like, I was right where I was at even for a few days away from my kids,.. my moms smiles and hugs were a great thing to experience,.. to get her back rubs of vicks, to taste the food she greatly cooks and just to wrap her xmas pressies for her --- i felt my presence was a great gift for me to her and from my dad to me.... if that at all makes sense..

my heart was tugged today though cause pat said kids were crying and fighting heaps -- becoming nuisance because they would ransack the library get on the rails and really make a mess -- i guess its been a while that he had consecutive days with the kids in unfamiliar territory and the rugrats creating havoc in the YAP home in Roxas,.. siguro my kids miss me -- the tyrant mommy who reprimands their antics/kalokohan,.. my boys are getting bigger and i sure am excited to hear those shouts and cries again -- so I can tell myself 'back to my reality once again',... haaay such is life hey,.. my kids drive me nuts at times but they are a part of me, so now i FEEL like zombie walking around,.. its like part of my body isnt complete -- feel crippled without my 4 boys and i feel like i dont exist in full capacity without having to do all that i do in a day,... i miss their hugs and their smiles --their infectious laughter and their wailing cries that makes my day each day interesting,.. life is sweet and am blessed to have them -- so Daddy Pat hang in there will give you a break when i get back ha honey,.. love you -- and love you jacob jerome jorel -- commonly referred to by dad as JAJEJO boys!

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