Wednesday, December 20, 2006

dec 4, 2006

surprise trip
what started to be joke with papa is now a reality, he is flyin me in OZ to surprise mom for her 60th and to host the party of course,..
so much excitement held me back bec it was the prospect of flyin solo minus hubby and chidren.. I did scoot over singapore to reset my stay in manila but that was only 5 days, this one is 9 days,.. so i fly 15th arrive sydney 16th hideout at kuyas till the 17th and come out from hiding to surprise mom.... god give me the strength to endure not seeing my kids and that they will be ok with my inlaws, my hubby and my 2 yayas in roxas. they fly out the same morning to roxas the 15th ... so imagine the intense silence baka mag baha dito when they leave me!
as for sydney, so many things run into my head, souvineers for mom, tarp perhaps, the mini book entitled..... lourdes who loves you --- containing our reasons why we love her so much,.. i am doing 50 minis accordions as souvineers for our guests..
am on 35 and counting... i am planning 3 parlor games to keep the golden bunch in stitches,.. i think of wat I will say to mom about her when i make a speech and not croak and choke bec of the tears,..
i think of things i can double up -- meet my friends, hangout, visit and do interviews of scrapbook store owners/celebs, buy my kids lotion in oz and get some literature about setting up a day care,..
i had another flash of wat i would like to do in oz and that is to set up a photo studio, for printing needs, for digital scrapbooking (give work for my scrapbooking friends here) and even traditional if there is a market... to provide an affordable photo studio for ppl to access so they can have pics in mugs, plates, calendars,.. things like that... course i still would like to teach scrapbooking and own an online store,... here is hoping of course !
i told patrick when we turn 40 we are going to be business owners and not employees anymore,.. we will be able to live comfortably by the time we turn 50,.. so with a lot of guts, prayers and sweat we will reach this goal!
i dont want a big house in syd, a 3 bedda townhouse is ok na basta small enough for good upkeep and i can keep track of my 3 rugrats,.. bigger and nicer homes lets say 10 years down the track,.... i have lived in big house, cleaned so many toilets no more -- my house here in manila is ample but i have to have my hands up to say i cant keep it up on my own with my kids around....
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