Wednesday, December 20, 2006

December 04, 2006
what happened to Friday
funny how i didnt realise it was friday today and I forgot to teach at my sons school for their scrapbooking project,... sigh -- am i getting old or I was just too bz catching up on my backlog of layouts for scrapbooking that I lost track of time or day for that matter,...haaaay...

Its Nov now by the way -- funny in a few weeks its 2007 already --- for years I wanted to go back to OZ and settle down there with my family but why is that -- that fact is inevitable -- and i dont really feel so 100% of going,... maybe bec i feel that i have set my roots here -- made my own set of friends, and i am doing what I am passionate about,... I know I wont have probs resettling back to Sydney again, but it just getting used to no help, no set routines monthly or weekly, not knowing aisles in the grocery, not having parties Phil. level with great suppliers. Heck I would even miss the yearly family pictorial -- things I have set up the past 6 years and now I am going to be starting from scratch,..
I will miss planning events, parties, activities for my family and friends all because we are going back to where I have always wanted to come back too,...
I know its for the boys future and opportunities, to more money saved for the family, for the opportunity to build our own home (not to mention a kitchen designed for my needs and scraproom of my dreams), for the opportunity to buy 7 seater car on our own, and the fufillment of setting up my own daycare so i can care for my kids and earn at the same time,.. I write this with a lot of question marks in my head but I know GOD is good bec he will give me the strength to leave, to care for my kids and achieve all that I have unconsciously set for my family right this very minute,.. whew.. that wasnt too bad huh? kaya ko ito !

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