Wednesday, December 20, 2006

my boy Jorel is one

November 17, 2006
My boy is now one!
Its amazing how time flies and now Jorel is one,... not to mention Kuya Jacob being 3 and Kuya Jerome being one,.. with all my scrapbooking -- having them 3 -- I cant veer away on family layouts bec I feel so lucky to have them.. With Jorel specifically -- he was the easiest baby out of my 3 boys, smiling at 2 months, sleeping mostly all day, never going pass gerber or baby food, he just salivated over table food faster than a speeding bullet,....

I would let him taste with my spoon and he would make a sound or whimper a little to indicate to me, he wants more ! And so it goes, he has grown way so heavy from his under 6lbs birthweight to a whopping 21lbs. His limbs so strong and if catches you off guard, you would get a hard whack in the face (and you will see stars sa lakas no !), not only that when he makes gigil you can bet he took a bite already and the tracks of bite marks clearly visible -- little vampire hahahaah!
So on the day of your party, you were such a trooper just waking up a few minutes before we left the house,.. You may have not smiled much but you were energized to endure the whole days festivities,.. You were not too disturbed with all these new faces fussing over you and I am so happy with that,...

You didnt even get scared with music or the shouting of the kids as the program proper by Bobi progressed !

I am super proud of you son ! You were so brave!

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