Monday, September 1, 2008

a few pounds & years later --- finally reunited...

It sure is fantastic to be in touch with my girlfriends again.... Cathy, Glynda and Gliselle finally met up again after 10 or so year of being complete again..... Time sure has changed all of us, a little chubbier but still all HOT mamas!

Its good to finally sit down and have a meal -- and move on to the future... and catch up with each others news.....I always told Cathy we want to be all together till we are golden girls -- comparing notes about life and defyingn the aging process hahhahahahahh!

here are beautiful snapsots of that fun evening -- it wont certainly be the last surely!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jo! It was nice chatting with you the other nite. Glad to see that you got to have a girls' night out, too.

BTW, I have an award for you. Pick it up from my new personal blog:

Marisa :)

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