Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another one for the sketches

Sincere apologoies to deb for not including this in the list of takes on my sketch... Here it is (ty for the nudge Deb dunno why I didnt see this in my inbox)

Deb Ramirez (
Title : I want this pet
Program used : CK Scrapbook Designer De Luxe
Techniques: Torn edges, shadows, cropping (9 times, for the nine squares,
Journaling : Derick’s dinosaur adventure with Papa at Sitio Lucia

This is a digital page that Deb sent me and she only used one photo to fit the tiatoe mould and another one to focus on her son. I think of all the layouts this one really is resembling my sketch. I am amazed that this can be done digitally because frankly never tried that in my life,... great going Deb! Ty for joining... Send me you addy soon ok !

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks jo!
Nice trying out sketch :)
God bless.

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