Saturday, February 2, 2008

The DG (domestic goddess) survives first day of school

I was so lucky Patrick accompanied me to school with the 3 boys in tow,... Jacob on first day resisted and so the Principal helped me and she carried the boy in to the kinder room. Next stop was pre-school where Jerome couldnt wait to go into the classroom as I signed him in and got his name tag on him and we found his cubby hole to put his bag in. I gave them breaky of fried rice and thank goodness they ate. I have to replace the lunch meal cause I knew that they will not eat in school (true enough they only ate the biscuits I packed). There is a peanut allergy scare there in school so they are not allowed to bring peanut butter and even nutella which are my kids fave,... sad,... Jacob, I was told, cried at recess and at lunch time loooking for me,.... however Jerome was way fine,.. he didnt even show signs of separation anxiety, he was happy in his new environment.
The second day was harder though because I was alone this time round. I had to make the 2 older boys stand on the sidewalk while I hung their back packs (no yaya to carry it for them) and I took the Jorel off the car seat. I opted not to stroller and not to park at the back of the school but the pedestrian crossing stressed me so much. The passing cars where conscious of school zone but I really was frantic to get the kids crossed and with them walking hands clasped together. And we made it. I had this funny feeling people were looking at me as I carted off the 3 boys from pedestrian crossing into the school grounds. Something about '3 boys against one mother' they they must have found amusing. I will use the parking at the back by next week because it so close to the school property and even if they run off-- am confident no car will be around to give me a fright.....Jacob made the assembly line better yesterday but he had this face that said to me, 'mom dont leave me'. He carried along that worried look as he walked up the steps to the classroom however I was comforted he was good that day from teacher's feedback. Picking up wasn't too bad. I just can't park so good..
gosh its my test on Tues to convert my license, I pray i pass then my husband and I will have gone thru all rigors of migration into this country. After the license, we can breathe easy then.
Its a brand new week nest week. Good luck to me! whew!

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