Saturday, August 25, 2007

things are looking up

First my super thanks to those who texted left messages emailed and all --those who I didnt think was reading my notes and getting all concerned about my current predicament,.. you guys certainly made me feel so special ----- you took a weight off my shoulders just by being there -- lending a hand and even just telling me-- its going to get better and it has ! you know who you are -- need not mention your names,.. makes me feel so special to have friends who such generous hearts to seek you when you're down,..

So ok how do I know its looking up here goes... --- I opted with a heavy heart to stay with my family today -- I popped over the EB for only 30 minutes to say hi and hello. The results,.. it was a happy day because:
1) hubby was feeling down yet at the end of the day my father inlaw said he will be back in Manila (from Roxas City) to see my husband off for the Sept 7 EB.
2) MIL now volunteered (without the urging of my FIL) to accompany us to OZ on OCT 25 even if she knows my mom will accompany us. Ay kahit di sya touchy feely person I hugged her talaga (my MIL has quirks too like my mom but I love my MIL !)
3) My MIL has started asking more questions about why we decided to leave separately than leaving as a family together. As I explained she understood how efficient for Patrick to go ahead, look for work and look for a place. I know they have different opinions but I am thankful they are asking -- the hardly ask questions...
4) More concrete plans that my inlaws will come over to Sydney in the summer to see how we are doing (FIL, MIL, maybe BIL and my nephew)in Sydney on our own.
5) WE feel more the idea of them accepting our migration (even if I joked with MIL if she would miss us -- sabi nya hindi eh pero she wasnt looking at me and she did say she would visit more often now),... and our desire to try it out without house help etc,....

Now I am happy because hubby is happier and he has less stress with his parents coming along our departure,.... haay buhay nga naman no,...

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