Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Finally layouts with only ME in it !

Thanks to My little attic, I delved into my single and carefree days pictures and finally found the reason to scrap them.. Its monumental for me because I swore I would only get to touch them when my kids are in HIGH SCHOOL....

It was a great challenge for me because I only had 3 papers I bought from Nettes earlier event and only had the BOHO chipboard to use for embellishment. So I had to think fast and get something going. I did my journalling and hid it behind one of the flowers. The down side to my 2 papers was that it was carrying huge figures in flowers and paisley... thank god the color scheme was perfect. You cant see here but I was going mad over the eyeletsetter and did holes every where for added effect/dimension. There was only so much you could do with the limited materials I had. The cardstock I used complimented the PP ensemble I had and I just added decorative brads to accentuate my cutouts.. I didnt pierce the brads this time,.. My mind was wondering, make it look like nose ring hhaahahhaah
Journalling reads: Once I was this sassy girl, carefree and spendthrift.. its one time in my life I only had myself to care for, however glad that I was given such chance to enjoy the fruits of my labor. To be be able to express myself without any fear of rejection. Yeah it was all about what was outside that preoccupied my world. I didnt really know that real beauty lies within. We all are made in his image and likeness and once you accept how he made you, then everything else seems to follow.

The second page spread took forever to put together. I was doing a cop out and thought to flip the 1st page spread but nahhhhhhhh i just picket up the wavy pattern and made use of the paisleys and floral patterns. Thank god for Digiprint I didnt feel the need to go out print my pics..I just upload them and walla I have my pics. (hubby now notice extra charges on a regular basis on our credit card on my printing). I included the journalling for this layout and took a closer shot. Journalling reads: "Nobody would have known these images of a once sassy girl with full on make-up and a fashion addict would become QUEEN BEE one day. I was so hung up on aesthetics and getting the right look each time that I never figured one day, I would become less enthusiastic about dressing well and looking perfect every time. I guess when husband and children entered my life, the ME in the equation became less important. I am now more in love with making sure my boys were okay, looking good and always happy. You can say I am more selfless now. I am more accepting of who I am and how GOD made me because my family certainly loved me for who I am. I chuckle when I remember the days when it took me 1 hour to get ready for an event. Now if I had 5 minutes to spare then I count myself lucky. My family has become my first and only priority. They bring intense happiness into my life. Now they are what keeps me going, they bring so much gladness into my world and they keep me young and beautiful. They have a given me such a life I never thought I would ever have. I thank the LORD for blessing me with my children and my husband. And nothing can ever match that!"
Its not my best work but I am happy I was able to put it down on paper and let the Lord hear somehow, how grateful I am to be where I am today


michelleguray said...

I just wanted to say hi and thanks for writing me! I love that scrapbooking has come to the Phils. and definitely would love to get to know fellow scrapbookers there!

your lo's are absolutely wonderful!

dianeskie said...

hello there Joanne! I tagged you.

jothescrapaddict said...

oh by all means Michelle, come and join our egroup ok! they will love you for sure!

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