Sunday, March 1, 2009


I am always a good listener but its amazing how my little 3 year old boy teaches me to listen intently,...

My son has been at it with his alphabet train puzzle. And one day the letter A had gone missing (he felt lost starting the puzzle without it). We looked for it everywhere -- and it was nowhere to be found. He would still anyway complete it no fail when he remembered it and gestures for me to bring it down and open the box.

I had it in my head --- thinking where it could be..... when I remembered a paper bag he was fussing over, whinging about because he couldn't yank it out of the corner (where mom place it for storage). I dismissed his pleas thinking he just wanted to make mess (take things out and just spread it around the living room). He protested and cried a little when he saw me bring it to the next room, and under my breath, I said that its his brothers not his.

Lo and behold when I did remember about that incident and Patrick and I looked in the bag -- the elusive letter A was there. I called him to the bedroom and he flashed this great big smile when he saw it! I knew he was so excited to finally find it too!

It was a lesson that Mommy Jo learned today. For Jorel, communication isn't with words at this stage -- its is sounds, gestures and actions. SO today I am humbled by this little being, to listen intently, listen with my heart and to try and read what he is communicating to me.

Jorel, I know you are trying --- so I am so sorry Mom failed to listen.....

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