Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Twas a Xmas party,...

It's always busy in the Figueroa house at Coralgum Place on X'mas day.

Without any other guests, we alone have 11 grand kids aged from 11 down to 9 months: AJ, Joshua, Jessica, Andrei Joel, Jacob, Jerome, Jorel, Joanna, Jacinta, Julia and Miya Jaye (we have 6 boys and 5 girls), 4 Figueroa kids: Joel, Joanne, Jovy and Josef, 4 in-laws: Gina, Patrick, John and Sarah (the spouses) and my parents Jess and Des Figueroa ---------------> which makes a total of 21 people in one house.

You can defnitely call it party ha? lets see if there is an addition next year hahhahahahha! unahan,....

Here are the family pics:

Kuya Joel and Ate Gina with their kids AJ, Joshua, Jessica and Andrei Josef

Patrick and Joanne Yap and their boys: Jacob, Jerome and Jorel

John and Jovy Sebastian
with their pretty daughters Joanna and Jacinta.

Josef and Sarah Figueroa
with their pretty daughters Julia and Miya Jaye

Of course the grand parents just was bowled over with all the grandchildren all eleven of them.

As always for the 4 families to get the Xmas cash that Papa prepares for us we needed to find the clue from the card he gave us (inside the card he made a Xmas tree shape using dollar coins). He told us the clue was in the card in front (will insert pic later when I have taken one).

In the end it was Josef that figured out the winter scene and picked up the clue as cold or freezing. He then went through the freezer and found my father eclipse chewing gum (this was the clue to get the Xmas envelope). Incidentally the eclipse had ICE written on it to describe its flavor --- quite smart for him to think this one through -- he gave us 10 minutes to find it and good thing Josef thought of it... and then we all got ours. Jovy was lucky last and got nervous she wasnt getting her cash too.... Last year, Papa hid it behind the wedding pictures that mom displays of all of us in the living room. Patrick figured it out that last Xmas then.

It was a blast but we were all weary we wouldnt get the cash hahahaha......
Here are the family shots with the inlaws


flo said...

punta kame sydney! between jan12-18!

hope to see you!

simply me said...

alamak! wrong mistake. ahehee.

ako poyan nag post. hindi si flo. :p

simply me said...

at syempre kashongahan pa rin! wala ako name. ahahaha....

anovahhh! naiwan ata sa 2008 ang brain cells ko.

si cata po ito. :p

Mia Castrillo said...

Your family has grown so much! Your parents must be so proud! Missing you lots, my friend!

bjay said...

hello, mare! update? :)

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