Friday, November 14, 2008

September Craziness

without hubby knowing, I had bought myself with what I call a great bday gift last September of something I had really really wanted,.. Back 15 years ago -- the addiction was shoes and makeup -- I have been so over that since having a family and I would even agonize buying even amere blouse that's only 15 bucks,.. but I just love paper and this says it all -- this is how much I love it,... I went crazy,...

I bought this all (alongside some rubons at at one site because it was just so easy -- they categorized all the fancy edges/diecut edge pps in one place and it just was easy to shove it in one cart.. I didnt even bother to look at the shipping -- it was one day I felt I deserve to splurge since I am 24/7 on call domestic goddess here,... one day of craziness yes siree!

Back to regular programming -- need to resell older papers to move them in its stagnant state,.. even some of my dies -- I dont need them all I know,..... yeah yeah I know you guys are calling me crazy -- its one title I can accept -- wholeheartedly -- in the scrapbooking context that is,... bwhahhahahahhahahah!

Maiba tayo, someone just made teary and happy all at the same time today,... head on over her blog It warmed my heart so much,... Its nice to know ppl recognize what you are doing is right -- I know I need that once in while,.. just to boost my morale and keep me going,... ty Maan -- I am so blessed to call you my friend...


Mia Castrillo said...

Oooh, Jo! Such yummy yummy papers! :-) You definitely deserve them!

Maricar said...

Those papers are gorgeous! They your reward for a job well done, Mommy Jo!

Kittymama said...

I got to your blog through my cousin Maan's and I must say, I am totally bowled over by your scrapping! They are all beautiful! :-)

I love that your art expresses your love for your family. I, too, have a special son, one who is special in every sense of the word. It's been almost 13 years since his diagnosis came, and our lives, though sometimes difficult, have all been changed by him. The truth is, we wouldn't have him any other way. He is our angel.

I pray for many sunny scrapping days for you, and for strength, love, and joy for your family's journey on the road of autism. Truly, with God, all things are possible. We are testament to that.

sarah said...

o0o0 what fun pp you've got there! :)

...and i totally do that to. buy stuff when no one is paying attention. lol.


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