Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Grace under pressure

What happens when you have 3 kids and you need to go to grocery...

they chuck a tantrum? wrong!
one poos and you need to clean them up. WRONG!!!!!!!!!
they start fighting and starts to cry!!!! wrong....

oh all that happend on other days but not today, is something NEW,....

we all go out blissfully and Jerome and Jorel in great fighting spirits because they had long afternoon naps... so the door shuts behind me and i did verify with Patrick if he has our house keys --- he loudly tells me yes!

I then follow down the stairs with my 2 year old hung on on my left hip....
Patrick forgets something and dashes back to the flat with our keys, comes back down seconds later to tell me the house key wont open our door,..

Heart starts to thump -- man are we gonna get locked out?!!!-- Only had one diaper, wipes and 3 bottles of milk for the boys in my bag,....

I then try it myself and realise, darn the knob wont open with the key - it clicks and turns but it won't open.. verdict the kids must have played with the door and they must have turned the button too far for locking and had done so we cant open the door without a key. The door opens with one key in my batch, the knob and the deadlock,..

So i come down to tell Pat....I was ticked alright! His darn solution is to be Tarzan and climb up the window and destroy the screen to go in,.. I was thinking more locksmith or find a person who can pick our lock... grace under pressure alright,.... we were near arguing but you know after 8 years we never ever get to boiling point now -- we get inis but not so much we ruin our day,..

Patrick the smart one remembered a key duplicate place in Blacktown - and $6 later we had duplicates... Walla! We go home and open our door,... we then ended going to grocery and to cap off our evening -- a massive storm hit as we took the kids in to the car! Talk about timing !

The kids loved the fast swift movement and pouring of rain on our windshield,.. and so thats all in days work in the YAP household !


Alby said...

Hey! This is definitely a scrap-worthy story. One of those "Life Artist" thingies. Take a picture of your keys :) Thanks for sharing Joanne. I always enjoy your stories.

iris said...

so nice to see pics of you and your family Joanne. And I was really happy to make that layout for you. Kaso di ko bibigay sayo ha hehe. remembrance ko yon sayo eh :)

Hey congrats on your DT stint! mababaliw sila sa pagkaintricate ng designs mo! go girl! we are proud of you.

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